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Chewing electrical cords

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My cat chews electrical cords and I've tried cat repellant but it just evaporates and she chews some more. I'm desperately afraid she's going to electricute herself. Does anyone have any ideas about how to stop her from doing this? Thanks.
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You can keep any unnecissary wires away from where your cat will be, say the cord to a cell phone charger, just keep it behind a closed door while it charges.

I like bitter apple as a taste repellant, some people use tabasco sauce, cats don't like that either.
Bitter Apple will evaporate after about 24 hours, and often have to re apply it, at least until the animal taste the object WHILE it's on there. I'm not sure how long the tobasco last for however, possible forever, and it might be mixed with something else I'm not sure, I'm sure someone else who has used that will chime in.

There are also wire covers you can get, they are like plastic tubing you put around the wires to protect them. I have some and got it from Ikea, and you can also get them from a place like Home Depot!

Good luck!
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You can buy flexible tubing at Radio Shack that the cords can slip into- or you can rub Vicks Vaporub on the cords. There is also a product called Stop Shock- here is the website:

Stop Shock
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I have used hot sauce. MY kitty developed a "taste" for hotsauce! So, then I got Tobasco and it did work. He was trying to latch onto the curtain cords--and the way they are positioned, I can not put them out of the way. I was so afraid he'd choke. So, Tobasco did the trick!!! He only tried it 3 times--then quit!
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