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Keeping cat off kitchen table

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I am having a heated discussion with someone who is encouraging someone to put mouse traps on the kitchen table under newspaper to scare their cat into staying off. This method will supposedly give the cat a 'pinch and a scare'. I believe this is cruel, and that a cat should never be frightened. I thought I heard something once about putting tin foil on a surface as a repellant for cats. Does anyone know anything about this?
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I've heard of using foil, but my cats try to eat it, so it doesn't work for me. Maybe some of those double sided adhesive sheets would work. I think they're called "sticky paws". Good luck, and tell someone to forget the mouse trap idea - I don't think it will work the way someone thinks.
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Not only are mouse traps cruel, but they can actually break a cats paw. Afterall it does break a mouse's neck. You can put 2 sided tape on the counter. They hate the feel and all they have to do is step on it once and that should be the end of it. Two sided tape works better than sticky paws because it's made to hold rugs to the floor. I've found that sticky paws comes off too easily.
Good luck.
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Believe it or not, I read about putting mousetraps upside-down on the counter and then covering them with newspaper in a book about cats (can't remember which one). I always thought it was a screwy idea too.

In Drs. Foster and Smith catalogs, they sell these long mat-type things that you lay on top of a probelm area, and when a cat (or dog) jumps onto the mat, it either gives then a harmelss jolt, or it makes a loud noise. You may want to check into such a product here is the URL:
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