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Does your cat eat funny things?

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I once knew a cat that loved eating raw vegetables. When his people came back from the supermarket they had to be quick with storing away the veggies, or he would have been right into the bags.

I know another cat that adores olives for some reason and I once had a cat that was crazy about corn.

For some reason or other my babies really love cat food and do not show much interest in other kinds of food (pastrami and tuna fish being the exception )
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well i did catch one of my cats eating a shrew the other day...I think she thought she had caught a mouse...
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Vegetables! Really! That's so weird. The cat we had when I was growing up would come running from any part of the house for ice cream. I mean, you could be getting the tub out of the freezer and she'd come running! She liked cheese whiz too, but that's about it (besides your usual mice and birds. One time someone let her in without looking and she had a live bunny in her mouth!)

The cat I have now (Tabby, picture of the week!) only eats cat food - she doesn't even like kitty treats! She ate a spider once though.

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Sour cream and onion Pringles - one of my cats love them. Linda
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My cats will eat almost anything, they love the leftovers from supper, and they really like swiss cheese!!
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I had a cat who would grab ccokies right out of your hand if you didn't give her one. My female and her son that I have right now eat pumpkin. Last year while we were carving our pumpkins she sat there and ate the pumpkin guts. This year we had both of them sitting there chowing. Earlier i had made a pumpkin pie and while I was eating a piece the kitten jumped up and tried to swat the plate out of my hand until I gave him some!
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Of course my cats are all outside, except Merlin, the kitten who gets to come in and "visit" every day, and last night we were eating supper, and we were eating off of tv trays in front of the tv, and out of nowwhere Merlin jumped onto my tray and snatched a green bean right off my plate before I had a chance to stop him!!! I scolded him, but it was sooo funny!!!
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