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Daily Thread Tues June 24th!

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Morning my friends!

Its going to be 23 and sunny today so I will be bearing the great whites

A couple more days to my trip..

Busy day at work today, a bunch of appointments and a late 6pm appointment which I am not impressed about.

Anyhoo thats about it..have a good one!
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I'm not up to much again today, just chillin and then later...just chillin. lol

Have a great day peeps!
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Good morning

Just sitting at work right now, hoping to get out by 3-3:30 today. Yesterday was a 10 hour day! Also still trying to wake up!

It's rained everyday since Friday, but today the temps are going to shoot up and dry us all back out Oh yay.

Have a lovely day all!
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Nat those great whites aren't showing a bit of color yet?????

Its a sunny morning but humidity levels are begining to creep up as we have chance of rain everyday though Sat. So I'm going to have to re arrange my plans for Thursday/Friday.
I light day for me (by choice) neck still stiff and trying to calm it down. Two quick stops and perhaps a stop by the mall as a store is having a sweater on sale that I have been thinking about.

Work in my yard then later today and tomorrow going with Neil and his two sisters on a plant buying roadtrip to The Flower Factory which is down my Madison, WI. They have 4000 varieties of perennials, many gardens on site too. I say I don't need much but I do get carried away when I go there (thats why we take a truck with a topper!!)

Grilled out lots of extras last night so I don't have to worry about dinner.

Has a cat visitor last night a tan/white one-my cats seem kinda used to it but Bobs has to defend her turf and growl a bit.

One wren is sitting on top of the birdhouse-the house is packed with nesting materials and I don't know how they can get inside!!

All for now have a good one!!
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Morning All!!!

Cloudy and looks like more rain for today.

Heading off to work shortly, not overly energetic today so hopefully things will go smoothely.

Nothing special planned for afterwards just home and maybe a few chores if I can manage the motivation..

Kitties are good this morning, birdwatching right now.

Everyone have a great day
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
Nat those great whites aren't showing a bit of color yet?????
Heck no! I am basically see through! Well I have been using that Vaseline subtle body glow lotion, but really not sure if it does much.
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Good morning all

Nice and sunny here today and it's going to be warm

My cats are going crazy today and running all over the place!

Work later today but thats alright

Maybe I can get some color since i'm see through almost!

Have a good day everyone
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Hello and Good Morning!

Today was really something. I'm in CA, and we have so many fires all over. Well, I guess the smoke is really getting to us because this morning the ENTIRE SKY WAS FLOURESCENT ORANGE. It was amazing! Every radio station was talking about it. Unfortunately, I was driving and couldn't get a good picture!

It was really weird when I got to my office. We have an east facing window that shines on our door in the morning. So normally I have sunlight filtering under and around the door. This morning it was bright orange and looked like my office was on fire!

Despite the glowing sky, it is cold and over cast here today!

I have a huge puzzle to solve at work. One that really a licensed accountant should do but somehow it fell on me... Wish me luck figuring this one out!!

Then at home I have to finish that house work I started yesterday...

Kitties are all doing well. Mommy doesn't budge still, which is fine with us, but is still eating like she was before the escape. Kiddos are fiesty and learning to play better and better everyday. Evie has been fiesty too, as have the dogs. Must be because it's so cold!

Happy Tuesday! At least it's not Monday.
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