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This is the cat at our shelter that I have mentioned.

I'm looking for suggestions on her nose. I've seen her rubbing her paws on it, although it didn't look excessive. She was apparently a Katrina kitty, but I don't know for sure if she was trapped or brought out by her family. I think the latter.

My first suspicion is a flea allergy.
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I sent you a PM.
At first I was thinking of suggesting something but then realized what a bad idea that would be given several possibilities, so after a lot more thinking I sent you a PM.
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I'd have her checked for Ringworm for starters.
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oh gosh! That poor girl I honestly have no idea what could cause that, but I hope you find the cause and get her fixed up
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Ringworm first check for. Mange is possible. She could've just rubbed her face raw on a trap or cage - often kitties do rub fur off when first coming to be caged.
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food allergy??

metal allergy from cage or food bowls??
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