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HELP! She is screeching, hissing and clawing.

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Let me try to take some steps back and make it fall into place.

We just moved to a new home. Bella has been in my room for about two weeks now, learning her way around my wide open space before going through the house. Today, I took her downstairs with me. She played and explored for about oh, two hours. Then we went back to my room for a nap; she came willingly, by herself, back to my room, and laid next to my head while we napped.

About an hour and a half later, we went back downstairs together. She had been down there ever since, I'd say for about almost 9 hours, in which she explored a lot more and had some fun. She had no problem coming back to me for little love pats, and once even sat on my legs for about ten minutes.

Then, it was time for bed. I noticed the outside cat, Tiger, was at the door waiting to come in, and he hadn't eaten, so I picked him up to take him to my brother's room to get his food. Tiger sheds a LOT and his hair and probably his scent of who knows what from outside was all over me.

Now, Bella usually follows me upstairs to our room, but she didn't this time. I took one of her toys and was making noise with it, because that's usually Plan B for making her come. She still didn't, but she was downstairs watching me shake the toy. So, I took it with me and rattled it as I approached her. I grabbed her around the shoulders, and swung her up into my arms like I usually do to carry her around. She starts SCREECHING, I've NEVER heard her do that before, it sounded like a little girl screaming bloody murder. She was hissing constantly and I had to dodge her claws, but she was so feral, and that is just NOT who Bella is.

When we got upstairs, still fighting, I let her down and she ran to her food bowl. I felt bad because she must have been out of food all day, so I gave her some food. She ate some, then came back to my bed and sat at the end, and I tried to pet her, but she hissed and moved away. I then put my hand out for her to smell, and she meowed and moved away again. After I went to wash my hands of all smell, I went to go pick her up, and she hissed and screeched again.

This REALLY disturbs me. Bella is my BABY, she's never been anything but cuddly and super sweet to me. I'm terrified at how she's acting. I don't know if it's any of these things, but I'm hoping someone will know:

1) I picked up another cat and had his scent all over me, as well as fur. Even though I changed clothes and washed my hands, must not be good enough?

2) Downstairs, my sister saw her take a bone from the wings my sister had eaten, and I don't know if she got it back from her in time that it didn't cause any damage... could Bella's tummy be really hurt from a bone? But why would she go nuts just cause I was rubbing her head? Or maybe she was just angry that I hadn't fed her all day...

3) She had too much freedom today around the house and didn't enjoy being taken back to my room?

I don't know if any of those could be it, but i am so scared. This cat is my child, I love her so much, and I want to cry at the thought that she won't let me even touch her and she's acting so feral. It's REALLY out of character for her.

I know that was long, but does anyone have ANY suggestions, advice, etc? Please help!
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She was upset and the best thing to do with an upset kitty is to not pick them up and try and hold them. As much as we think they are out children, they are still animals with an inate nature of self preservation.

Just let her be and let her calm down on her own.

I know people have suggested something called "feliway". I'm not really sure what it is, but it is supposed to help calm cats down. I guess it emits a comforting odour for them. You might look into that.

In the meantime don't despair Your kitty still loves you.
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give her the evening... if she's still acting funny tomorrow, or shows any signs of pain, then you may want to see the vet.
cooked chicken bones [didn't know if it was raw or cooked] can splinter. raw ones are relatively safe, i think.
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I'll bet this is redirected aggression. She saw your other cat, didn't recognize it, and thought it was a stranger invading her territory.
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Well, this morning she came up to me and meowed and rubbed against my legs... she's been following me everywhere, and meowing and trying to get my attention... I am just so scared that she hasn't had enough time to herself and will try to attack me again, I just don't want us to have a weird relationship.
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She sounds like she is just being a cat. I would just let her give the cues. If she wants up in your arms pick her up. It could have just been a different type of day & she had a funny reaction. Just put it in the past. Female cats can be moody. Sometimes an over stimulated cat can do this too. If I pet my older cat too much she would swat at me.
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