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Eye of Round roast?

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So I got this big roast for super cheap ($10!) at the grocery store...
And from what I read it's actually tender!
Was wondering if I should be crock potting my eye of round roast or doing it in the oven? (prefered way is in the oven cuz I like roast beef, not pot roast). Just don't want to do it in a way that will make it too tough
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Oh, we use eye of round steaks for breaded steak and it usually is very tender. I've never cooked a whole roast before, but it should be delicious! I have a crock pot and never use it. I ALWAYS cook roasts in the oven on a low setting (300 degrees) then once it looks done I turn it up to 350 to make it fall apart. Just make sure there is a lot of water in there and it will melt in your mouth!

When are you serving dinner? I'll be there!
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You can do either.
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www.chowhound.com It's an international site dedicated to foodies.

These people have helped me transform from someone who could burn water, to an actual cook.

They've also turned me on to some great food products, and some amazing, yet frugal, restaurants in my own area.

Give it a try, and don't be afraid to post a "stupid" question on the "Home Cooking" thread. You'll get an occasional butthead (as with every internet forum), but the vast majority of posters are friendly and helpful.
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you can rub herbs all around it and cook it for an hour to get the crusty layer, then wrap it in foil for a further 45 minutes and it will be sooo tender. depends on the size of the roast i suppose. I know this works so well for my pork roasts its still so juicy
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Eye of the round roast is my favorite when I have it at my parents' house

My mom marinates it in red cooking wine for about an hour before cooking, then puts the cooking wine in with it in the oven and cooks it in aluminum foil. I don't have all the temperature & time details though, I've yet to learn how to do it myself.
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crock pot ,on low all day,melt in your mouth. In fact we had it Sunday. To hot to light the oven!
Add a cup of water,makes a wonderful gravy!
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