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His own place!

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Harley has been with us alittle over 3 weeks now. He and Jack are getting along great and playing like they've been friends forever. It is so special to see Harley playing like a kitten (making up for lost time stuck in a cage at the shelter for 4 months)

I've noticed that because Jack is our alpha male Harley has been looking for a place to sort of call his own. He found a corner in our office that is surrounded by boxes but has open floor space for him to lay in. He didn't look to comfy so I found an old basket we attempted to use as a bed for Jack when we brought him home--he wouldn't hear of laying in that basket.

I pulled it out and in 10 minutes Harley had made it *his*.

The first picture I swear if you were here you'd have heard Harley tell Jack, "Meowmy said this is mine, not yours!"

Second picture, "See I fit just right"
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Aww, how comfy he looks!
But I suspect that soon you will see both Harley and Jack napping side by side in it.
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Aww he's such a sweetie
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I need to see if I have another basket around here cuz Jack likes to sit in Harley's--which defeats the purpose of what I was trying to do. It'll be awhile I think before I find them napping together--but I look forward to it.

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Awwwww, adorable pics
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I'm jobless currently so lots of free time to capture pictures of my boys! I can't imagine what it was like to only have one!

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Awww I look forward to the day you find both of them napping together
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Oh My goodness! Look at his gorgeous face!
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