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This is the "Katrina kitty" we have at the shelter. She looks a little rough, but, as you can see, she's a cuddle puss.

Her nose:

And where she feels secure:

This is the girl we applied to foster, if it is a choice between that and being PTS.

Any idea what may be the problem on her nose? I'm thinking maybe a flea allergy.
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Sorry not sure what's going on with her nose, but she looks absolutely adorable !
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Did they trap her? If so she may have hurt her nose trying to get out... Or it may be ringworm, or a burn.. but really it looks like she was pressing her head into the side of a trap, or perhaps her cage at the shelter? No idea, but she is such a lucky lady to have you!
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Awwww isn't she sweet. She'll make someone a loving pet, you can tell

Not sure whats going on with her nose?. Hopefully others will be able to shed some light. What if you put that picture up in the health forum and ask there?.
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aww she's very sweet..no idea on the nose though
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Aww she's sweet, I hope her nose gets better
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