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R.I.P Candy

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I've said many times before that I'm not a fan of dogs...big or small.
When I was a little girl a German Shepard attacked me, I have the scars on my left calf to this day.
I know now that it wasn't the dogs fault it was the fault of the dipstick that owned him

What I saw today is something I will never forget, in fact it only made me fear dogs...especially big ones more.

Candy was my neighbors Sheltie, as dogs go she was one of very few that I'm not scared of.
This neighbor also has a Yorkie.

About a block and half away lives a Man with two Pit Bull mixes...we asked him today what they're mixed with but he said he doesn't know..he just knows they're part Pit Bull.
Those two dogs have always lived outside in a kennel...if you want to call it that.
I've walked by there myself and they jump at the fence and it bows out, so it would seem the kennel isn't strong enough to hold these dogs.
They bark, snarl and growl I've even seen the bigger one grab the fence in his teeth and shake it...everytime someone walks by.
Sorry to go off on a rant here, but if you're going to have dogs why oh why must you keep them in a kennel outside?
If someone kept me in a tiny little cell all my life, I'd get mean too.
So I'm not blaming the dog, I'm blaming the owner.

Today Candy and the Yorkie were both tied in the neighbors backyard while she was working in her garden...she has a 4 year old and thank God he was with his Grandparents and not with his Mother.
The biggest of the Pit Bull mixes got out of his enclosure, ran the few blocks up the street and went for the Yorkie.
Candy started to bark and carry on so the dog left the Yorkie and went for her.
He grabbed her by the head and pulled so hard that he broke the chain she was on.
He broke her neck and almost tore one of her front legs off.
He wouldn't let go of her...another neighbor grabbed a cast iron skillet and hit the big dog over the head and still he held on to Candy.
They turned the hose on him and still he held on to her.
I grabbed the Yorkie and took Lisa into my house.
The Man across the street went in and got his gun and shot the dog...then and only then did he drop Candy, but it was to late Candy was gone.

Then the idiot owner came up the street and tells the neighbor who shot his dog that he'll have to pay the Vet bills, there won't be any Vet bills the big dog is also dead.

Thank God my kids were in the house and thank God Lisa's son wasn't home.

So Rest In Peace Candy, you didn't deserve to die and you sure didn't deserve to die like that.
Big dog, whatever your name was I hope you Rest In Peace too.
What you did was the most horrific thing I've ever seen, but I know it wasn't really your fault...the person who's really at fault is your owner.
At least you're not confined to that tiny little kennel any more.
I just hope and Pray that your smaller companion gets removed from that home and hopefully a loving home can be found for her.
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What a sad day. Rest in peace little Candy and the poor neglected one.
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awwwww that is soooo darn sad!!

RIP sweet candy and RIP to the other dog that wasn't trained to know any better
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How horrible!

RIP Candy, as well as the neglected dog with the terrible owner.

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