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IT Review of Juvenile Feline Catus

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This is just too funny, especially if you ever read computer equipment reviews.

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Oh god, that's great! :LOL: The little black and white kitten reminds me so much of Spike when he was a baby too!
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I would much rather have a kitten, than a baby!
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Kittens....Gravity is no barrier! LOL!!!!
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That was really cute. The kitten reminded me of Checkers, who is gone now. I like babies and kittens! Why not? They both grow up and cause mischief; you can't stop it!
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Heidi I just came from the spam thread.. I have to ask you to desist now because my sides hurt. I CAN LAUGH NO MORE!!! It feels so good and bad at the same time...
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Oh my goodness! That was too cute!! LOL, where did you ever find that?? :laughing: :laughing2
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I could not stop laughing!!How true!!
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OK, I'm talking to my friend who sent me the link. See, I thought he was just sending me the link to a cute story, BUT did anyone click the link in the chart about the exceptions to furry for kittens? Check it out!
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Two things...

1 - I just checked out the non-furry sort of cats... But did you happen to check on the exceptions for baby chasing its tail?? Oi!


2 - I sent this to my bf, and he's agreed that now we're not ever having babies, only kitties. :tounge2: (Hey, numbers don't lie... Kitties win over babies 11 to 2! )
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I've often said that, if I knew then, what I know now, I'd have had kittens instead of kids.

They don't give you nearly the grief, they're cheaper to feed and you don't have to buy shoes for them!:LOL:
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I'm sending this to my fiance!!! LOL He wants kids in the worst way . . . I don't think he object if I wanted them NOW. (scary thought) Personally, I'd be fine just having pets, or adopting . . . I'm not very keen on getting pregnant. I'm kind of scared. (No offense intended to anyone who is or has ever been pregnant, you have my complete and utter admiration and respect!!)
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I have my share of both baby and kitten....I love both!!!
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