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I finally have my new kitty! :D

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June 17th, 2008

I didn't know where I was going that day, but for some reason, Rachel made me feel secure. She took me out of that camper and onto my shoulder, where everything looked green and full of life.

I began to think of my gray and white tabby, 2nd born sister with no current name, and Marvin, my black, brown and white calico-like, runt-sister, who stayed inside. I wondered, "what would happen to them?" Then, I thought of my own mother, whether or not if she missed me.

My name is Nermal, and I'm the fourth born of my siblings. I may be tiny, but I've got a strong head on my shoulders. Two of my siblings didn't manage to survive, but there are still five of us, running around. I admit, my eyes don't look nice for photos, but my new mama tries hard to keep them updated and cleaned.

Back to my new story. The car ride that I had been allowed to take, just this once, was not only thrilling to see the green land rushing by me in a blur, but it was also scary when being there alone. I knew that this was the vehicle that my orange and white brother and Snip was taken from, as my mama took them about 2 days ago to their own homes.

Our ride took close to 15 minutes, but for some reason, it felt more like a half of an hour to me. About halfway there, I was getting anxious. Mama allowed me to ride on her shoulder, which ended up calming me down by quite a bit.

FINALLY, the car was parked, and its horrible grumbling stopped. Right out of that window, I was looking at a bigger camper, and a black and white, spotted, male, neutered cat in the front window. However, the other cat knew I was here, yet, until I cried when mama put me down in the litter box.

"This is where you go potty," she told me, as I sniffed around and then climbed back out. I sniffed the air upon leaving the Pet Room and ran back onto her lap, where she sat down and awaited my approval in the hallway.

It didn't take long for mama to pick me up once more, where I was introduced to the food and water corner, where I didn't waste any time munching on this new brand of cat food. For some reason, it tasted better here, as I made my mama and daddy laugh at me when I mewed and ate at the same time. I guess that not all kittens know how to do that...

It was rather late, so after mama noticed that I was done eating, she brought me to her bed, where I found comfort immediately. I sniffed around the bed as she stood up to look into the Pet Room, only to turn around in surprise at these animals that were JUST MY SIZE! They had enticing tails behind them, that dragged around wherever they walked, and whiskers stretched out farther than my own!

"These are rats," my mama had told me, "These are friends. These three, here, are the girls. Nermal, say hello to Rin, Hinata, and MyRunt. Athena is out for about a month and a half, but you can always trust Hinata to be your buddy."

At that moment, I began to play with the one she had pointed to me. I pushed her down with surprising ease, but each time she bit me too hard, I got a small, painless nip from her until I learned to play nicely. Hinata turned out to be a great teacher, but she reminded me so much of my mother back at home.

By the time the boys were introduced to me (there were four of them), I was too tired to play anymore, and I napped while their out time was fulfilled for that day.

Two days later, the male that the call "Shadow" had bit me, HARD. It was then and there that I didn't like to play with any rats that were bigger than the girls. You can see a picture of him from the day I was taken home below.

Regardless, Mama took care of not only my new problem, but my eyes, as well. She spent $5.00 on a bottle of eye formula and made sure she kept it away from the bite, and in two days, I hardly saw the pus in my eyes. She stopped with the medicine today, just to see how much my eyes have improved for certain.

As of now, I sleep with my Mama at bedtime (by her shoulders as she sleeps on her side-something kicks me all the time, if I lay by her belly. I think she, herself, is having a kitten!), My belly became rolly-polly, and Bulvine (the other kitty with us all) finally wants to be friendly with me. Life is just as good as it was before my Mama took me home.

Your friend,

PS: if you know what my breed and coloring may be, please feel free to let us know
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hi Nermal! im Firefox an i think your a patchd tabby like me! you can see me in meowmys cat pages.
my meowmy luvd your storee!
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Oh, she's sooo tiny!!! Yes, looks like a domestic short hair patched tabby. I'm not sure I understand.. there are other kittens in need??? Why not take all of them and make sure they get a good home???
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Aww what a sweet little baby!!!!

Congratulations on your new little addition!
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Welcome to TCS little one!!
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Hello & welcome to tcs. Nermal, you have the same colors as Blossom & what a little sweetie you are. How old are you? Blossom was 3 weeks old when she came to live with us. Hard to believe it was nearly 2 yrs ago.
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Awww so cute! Welcome little one!!!

I'm so glad you found yourself a great home!
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Hi! You have found the best cat site around!

We have a lot of support and advice to give here. Our members are always ready and willing to help you or just chat with you. We also have a game called KatKwiz (cat quiz), designed for newcomers just like yourself, which teaches you things about The Cat Site and also allows you to win lots of points. (It also teaches you what points are.) Just click on the here link below to learn more. Glad you decided to join us!
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Hi Nermal.
Your color type is sometimes called Tabico.
Kind of like a tabby and calico mix. Your coat colors are beautiful.
I am so glad that you have joined us here at TheCatSite where we all love little kittens like you.
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Aaawww, what a sweetheart! Let's move your thread to What's New, Pussycat so everyone can meet Nermal!
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Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post
Oh, she's sooo tiny!!! Yes, looks like a domestic short hair patched tabby. I'm not sure I understand.. there are other kittens in need??? Why not take all of them and make sure they get a good home???
Thank you all for your concerns! It seems I have some replies to make!

AddieBee: I guess the first thing I should mention, is that we live in an R.V., and after our pretty little kitty, here, we've decided that enough was enough, with a total of 9 rats, 2 cats, and 2 people (one pregnant and having troubles getting around) inside of it.

The owner of the mother cat's mother kept the remaining two within the home Nermal originally came from. The other two I took to a friend's house, cause she wanted to adopt them, herself, and with her running her own adoption center, I found that they, too, have good homes. There was a slight illness when they were far younger, which is what resulted in the loss of two more kittens to heaven. Yet, I'm not sure what it was.

After Nermal had gotten her dosage of medication for her icky eye, I lended the rest of the tube to my friend who adopted, and after she finishes using it, there'll be enough for Nermal's last surviving siblings, as the runt is the only one that needed the medication between the two, the worse.

My friend who adopted and I are already talking about purchasing kitten shots and dewormer within a week, for our kitties' health and maintainance of good looks

Everyone in the litter all have a good family each, it's just that the icky eye is the only culprit that would make people think that they aren't in a good one. However, each owner's been taking plenty of time off of their schedules to keep the problem from attempting to crust shut in the morning, and also throughout the day.

I'm not trying to sound like a jerk, so you know. In fact, I respect everyone and anyone, regardless if they do so themselves, or not. I was raised that way I just wanted to let you know that Nermal and her siblings are, in fact, in good hands. Thank you for your concern for the others, though!

KaliKat: Nermal was born May 5th, so she's about 7 weeks old, now

DawnofSierra: Thank you for moving me to the correct thread line! Rach
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she is absolutely PURRFECT! Beautiful kitten, I'm happy for you AND for Nermal, sounds like she has an excited, good parent
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Thank you for adopting Nermal! Nermal is so cute and definitely needed a good home like yours. I'm sure that Nermal will be very happy with you!
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Nermal is precious I love the pictures of her with the rats!

Welcome to TCS
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I love that you named your rats after characters from Naruto and Bleach.
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