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Covering up

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I don't have a litterbox problem, but I am curious about something. Tripod is missing a front leg (since birth). Since I brought him home 6 years ago, he rarely covers up after himself in the litterbox, probably because it is difficult for him. I don't have to cover it for him because Oliver, our 9 year old cat does it!

Does he do this for territorial reasons, because he likes the litterbox clean, or (I want to think this ) just because he's nice?
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First of all, thank you for bringing home a special needs cat. So many of them end their lives in shelters because people aren't willing to share their lives with them. I've found that the special needs kitties make wonderful, loving companions.

OK... to your question... there could be a couple of reasons that Oliver covers it up:
1. the smell of excrement potentially attracts predators, scares away food sources.
2. learned behavior (learned from mom from watching).
3. The smell is offensive. I guess, we're back to reason number one.
Marilyn Krieger, CCBC
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