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Awwww!! look who I found while I was feeding

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Saturday night I went to go feed my babies, as I was turning onto the rode,
I saw a tiny baby kitten, laying in the middle of the street! so I stopped and got out and I thought, I am going to get that precious angel! Wrong, it
ran off into a culvert! I left some food, and went on down to feed the others,
I went home. After a little while I decided to go back, and sure enough...
there she was lying in the rode again! So I got some food and got out, she ra n again into the culvert, I left some food at the beginning of the pipe,and
then I stood behind it , and here she came, out far enough for me to grab her and to the car I went! She is so tiny, maybe 4 wks old, I can't tell, her eye has an infection, which I have been cleaning with just a warm washcloth,
and they look alot better! and also she has something wrong with her front
paw, here is a pic..

this pic was taken right after I got her, she is sleeping sorta on this couch, right in the crack......but see her paw, or leg I should say, it goes out, it feels flat, she doesn't seem in any pain, and gets along best she can! Anyway I am about to take her to my vet, see what he thinks....I hope if anything it is just dislocated. It doesn't feel broken... AWWWWW! She is such a LOVE!! and I am in LOVE! I think I will name her "Diesel", she was
on the rode right behind that truck-stop! The trucks all park there and sleep!
I haven't even really looked to be for sure about her sex but doesn't matter, she will be fixed and so I thought Diesel fit her/him perfectly!! I will let you know what the vet says, in a little while and I'll take a better pic of her!!!!
Say a prayer for her......I hope she isn't tooooo sick!!!God love her!!!
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Firefox was very sickly when i took her in - & today she's supremely healthy!
i fed her a combo of canned kitten food/meat baby food/KMR [just born brand] plus extra KMR in between meals & crunchies out all the time. [i used the liquid one - the dry ones, i always had lumps.]
i also got the Kitten Attract litter, since she had a bit of difficulty realizing what the litterbox was for
i'm sure Diesel will be fine! but, you realize - s/he will probably end up being your most expensive kitty [Firefox is my most expensive kitty, btw].
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Aww! The kitten look so precious! My boyfriend feeds a feral colony that lives in a wooded creek area behind his house. They are slowly getting used to us. A few of them hang out on the back porch and will let him pet them (when it suits them) but they run as soon as I step out. There is one little kitten but it is probably about 8 wks and it is black and white.
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Awwww, Bless him/her Prayers and vibes that he/she's healthy
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aww good luck with your little baby
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Awww! Poor, frightened little baby!!! He/she is lucky that you caught him/her!
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What a sweetie. I am so glad you found her
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Aw, what a doll! I am glad you saved her, I am sure she is too! I hope the vet visit goes well & her paw is fine.
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Poor sweet little doll! So lucky you found him/her - it will make all the difference for his/her life.
Sending good thoughts for good health for this baby.
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Thanks Everyone!!!!

The vet visit went fine....I got antibiotic ointment for her eyes, they already look better!
He said he thought her leg has nerve damage, and will probably just be like that for the rest of
her life. She does get around fine though! He said she probably got it stuck inbetween something, wedged....and finally got lose of it, cause it is kind of flat, it isn't broken. Which really made sense to me because she was born
in a drainage pipe, culvert. That poor baby, there is no telling what she has been through
already!! I have her now, that is all that counts! but being mommy again, is making me feel my age! Feeding every 2 hrs.! I'm wore out!! But I love her!!!
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aw.............that is such a sweet little baby. She is so lucky you found her.

this has a happy ending.....
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I am so glad that she is healthy and found her way to you. It was meant to be.
We will want updates and photos. Too precious for words.
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Awwwww Monique she's so precious!! Lots of healthy coming over for her.
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Awwww, she is adorable!
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