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Good News :)

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Well I have good news!
My mom said after Momma Cat has her litter, we can keep one of the male kittens :]

Im so excited! Ill definetely post pictures on here when she has her kitties.....which should be any time :p

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Yay! After all the "HELP!" threads on here (including my own... ), I, for one, can use some good news.

That's very exciting! Why just a male, though? What if there are no males?? I tell ya, I'm fostering kittens now, and we have ZERO intention of keeping any of them (but you all know how that is!!), so we mentioned that if we did keep one, my husband wants an all black one (we have two) and we figure we should get a male because the house is mostly female!

Of course, as time has gone on, we have both fallen for (well, all of them, really! ) little Calypso. She is black and white, and tiny, and female! So the two things we thought we'd keep, well, we may not. Her or Jack are the two we are considering (No, no, we're not supposed to keep any!! ).

I think it's great and exciting you get to keep one. Just saying you never know who you'll fall in love with.

Can't wait to see the soon-to-be new arrivals!!
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Awwww thanks! Yeah I can just keep one...and well my mom wants me to get a male because our cat Lucky is a she doesnt want anything "goin on" if it was a female. Lol.

Yeah hopeully there are males :/ I sure hope so...

Yeah itll be reallyyyyy hard to let them go =[

But im so excited! Haha

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Which ever you keep, your animals should be fixed, so that "Mommy Cat" doesn't happen again either in your household or in the neighborhood.

I don't know where you live, but there MUST be some low cost spay/neuter clinics around... our local county animal shelter holds special events of this type routinely because of the overpopulation problem.
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Im gonna have 2 check into that...

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I agree, they should ALL be spayed and neutered! The males should be neutered anyway! And I really, really hope you do spay the mother cat so she doesn't have anymore litters!
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I agree even if you keep a male he should be neutered. Intact males will wonder the neighborhood, spray, and get into fights with other neighborhood males. Usually they will eventually disappear never to be seen again. You should also get the mother spayed. There are many low cost spay/neuter places. I recently got my females spayed for $50 each. Here is a list of places.
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and another: spay usa
Firefox's spay at the local place run by these people was $35 [plus an extra $10 'cause the little bugger was in heat!].
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Good luck with everything, hun! And keep us posted!!!
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