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stray cat

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this cat showed up at my door meowing on friday....she let me pet her but wasn't too happy when I picked her up..(had to she ran in my house)...
and she started to go after my cats...so I shooed her away or tried to anyway..
I took lots of photos of her but they didn't come out that great..was trying out a new lens...

she had a big belly..but I dont' think she was just fat...
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Aww she's a sweetie! Too bad she didn't instantly bond with your babies, and it sounds like she's got some of her own on the way!
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Beautiful eyes. She is probably looking for a place to have her litter and your house looks nice!!

(Quick Rant: people are soooooo irresponsible re: letting their cats run around unfixed... and the rest of us have to pick up the pieces.)
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She's got such a sweet face! Are you gonna keep her if she learns to get along with your kitties?
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I dunno..my landlord is letting me have 2 cats..not sure if he will let me have several more...
haven't seen her again yet though
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