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I went to the shelter 2 hours earlier than usual today, since they had said I could help them clean the lobby cat cages. I was pretty slow...having my right wrist in a splint kinda slows me down, you know?

It was definitely a learning experience.

The good news #1, Ella is still there and safe. After cleaning the cages, I did my usual cat socialization thing. When I took her in the play room, I had hardly sat down on the floor before she jumped in my lap and started purring. I wonder about the marks on her nose; maybe she has a flee allergy?

The good news #2, Nicholas got adopted. This was a surprise, since he was still at the vet's office on Saturday afternoon, so it must have been just before they closed. Someone was actually looking for a blue cat, and they don't get any bluer or nicer than he.