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Covered boxes

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I really don't know if this question belongs here or not, but it's about boxes, so I'll ask

I'm lucky in that the tribe for the most part will share litter boxes. I started with the "1 each plus 1" and have narrowed it down to 5 boxes. I'd like to use an enclosed or covered box in the main bathroom, so that guests won't find themselves staring into a litterbox. However, I have yet to find a box that anyone likes. I've even tried making a doorway in the side of a rubbermaid container and trying that, but still no joy. Freeway disliked one of them so much that he would simply go outside the doorway of the box.

So, the question being, have you had any experience with an enclosed litterbox that a majority of cats seem to like, or do I just have a really picky gang
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I do not recommend covered litter boxes for the following reasons:
1. Most are too small for cats
2. They retain odors, even if smells OK to you, it doesn't to the cat.
3. A cat can be easily cornered in a covered box.
4. Cat's can't escape out of a covered box.

I recommend the large 66 qt. Sterlite Clearview storage containers, without lids. They are large and have high sides.
Marily Krieger, CCBC
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Thank you, that is probably what the tribe has been trying to tell me all along. If my house guests complain about the standard litterbox in the bathroom, I'll send them up the road to Elmore's Gas n' Grocery.
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I use 3 HUGE covered boxes ( with a huge opening for them to get in and out in the front).

My gang have NO problems with them at all. They have always used them, and its a bit better for me, as any uncovered box i have tried, they ALWAYS used teir scoops for paws to toss litter every which way,lol.

The ones i use are here in this link.

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