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Spraying after meals

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Since Blue has come back from his stay in hospital for his pottasium deficency (sp) he has got into the bad habit of spraying indoors after he has eaten! His fave places are the corner of one of the sofas (luckily leather so easy clean) the tv stand and the bottom of the table cloth. Why has he suddenly started doing this and how can we stop him? At the moment we are putting him outside as soon as wanders over to one of the spots but being 13 and still recovering from his illness we dont really want to get into the habit of doing that all the time. We are cleaning the areas with the natures cleaning stuff and/or washing powder as he doesnt like the smell of Daz but no joy so far. Has anyone had a similar experience to this who can help?
Thank you xx
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If he is still in recovery it may not be a good idea to let him outside. Maybe his spraying is a reaction to being away from home, his age and the pd which involves the kidneys (I think). Ask your vet.
I would also change the cleanser you are using. It may not be removing all the odors.
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He's fixed, right?? If not, then there's your problem.

If yes, its possible he was affected by the smells of other cats at the vet and is still marking in response to all those cats smells he encountered while hospitalized in which case he would be a good candidate for using Feliway spray. You can read about feliway at www.feliway.com and you should consult the article at this site on inappropriate urination at http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=9563
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Thank you both for your help i have ordered the feliway and will let you know how we get on Blue is fixed and is actually much more sprightly than he was before he got ill, he is jumping the garden fence for the first time in 2yrs, hence why we cant keep him he just breaks out of the cat flap if he gets locked in
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