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Cat Gets Upset

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My kitty Picard always gets REALLY upset whenever my mom goes outside or leaves the house, he is 2 years old, same age as his brother and sister.

About every 20 seconds after my mom has left the house, he lets out these cries as if he's in pain or dying, this goes on for about an hour, I try to ease his pain by holding him, and note this is the only time he lets me hold him unless I am near a window, but if I try to pet him he growls at me.

If I'm not holding him, he usually tries to beat up his sister. We have sprayed him with water every time he attacks his sister but this has to be done almost every other day.

after the cries and beating up his sister phase, he starts following me wherever I go, then lays down in my lap, my brothers, or my dads lap for a tummy rub.

He is the only kitty that does this, the other two are usually still sleeping, or just start looking out a window.

Should we not pet him when he goes in our lap? I don't want him to think hes being rewarded for his behavior, he has kept this up for a year, ever since we left home for a weekend on a trip (without the kitties)

Also, why is he doing this? does he have some extreme attachment to my mom? Is he afraid she'll never come back?

the behavior gets kind of annoying, since I get woken up because his chubby defenseless sister always runs to me to rescue her from his fury.

How can we solve this issue?
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to me it sounds like anxiety issued my dog barks like mad when my parents are leaving the house without her so mum has started reassuring her when they are going to leave she says "now you guard the house and we'll be back soon don't have anxiety you'll be ok and we will be right back" it seems to work ..i dunno maybe try explaining that your mum will be right back and that it's alright?
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I don't know how knowledgeable your pets are with the english language, but my cats, perhaps they are retarded, do not understand english
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it doesn't matter what your saying it's the tone you say it in..if it's a soothing tone they will relax a bit
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