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Missy can't pee ????

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Hi, I don't know how long she has been having trouble because we were gone most of yesterday, but last night I could tell Missy was acting odd and she would walk all over the house in different corners and in the litter boxes and sit like she was going to pee and she tries and tries and only a drop or two comes out. She licks her back end all the time also. She can poop because when I was watching her in a litter box she did that just fine.

I called the vets office first thing this morning and they are swamped and can't work her in till 3:40 this afternoon.

What can be causing this? I want to help her but I have no idea what to do other than get her to the vet. I wish they would have worked her in sooner than they did.

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Sounds like she has a UTI Tom?. The vet will sort her out though don't worry Let us know what they say?.
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Its a Infection. My Coco has one right now and we took her to Er because she was doing the same thing. They will give Misty Antibiotics and a Urine test. This is Cocos 3rd bladder infection since last Aug. I hate your Cat has to wait all day to see the Vet. When We took Coco to the Er it was because We didnt want her crying all night and sqauting.
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Poor Missy, I hope it's nothing more than a UTI. Sending healing vibes to your sweet girl
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Sounds like she has a UTI Tom?. The vet will sort her out though don't worry Let us know what they say?.
def sounds like it to me, too!
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Missy was sleeping when I had to take her in so I woke her up and she stretched and I picked her up and held her in one arm with her back end against me while I opened the door on the carrier and she peed all over me. So I had to clean up again and took her in. They tried to get a urine sample but could not get any out of her. She didn't have a temp, the vet couldn't feel anything odd in her bladder or whatever she was checking. She said she felt some hard poop in there. She was dehydrated so she put some fluids under her skin and gave her a shot of antibiotics and sent antibiotics home with me to start tomorrow.

Missy was a real old bear to handle at the vets office, she tried to bite and claw the vet tech, which Missy has seen many times before.

Cozmo has been attacking her for the last couple days also, I don't have any idea why, they always got along good. As soon as I got Missy home Cozmo went right after her and Missy has been hiding underneath the bed. I just tried to get her out and she bit and clawed my hand like she had no clue who I was. She has been under there for about 4 1/2 hours now. She don't seem to want to eat or drink either. The vet said to watch her close and call her first thing in the morning if she is still not any better. I am really getting worried, more so than yesterday and today. I am going to put some water under the bed by her and see if she will drink any of it.

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Cozmo knows she's sick, poor baby girl!
sending & for Missy!
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The other Cat is going after her because she is sick. What antibiotics did she get? Did they do a Ultrasound?
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They are not set up to do a ultrasound, at least they couldn't do them the last I knew, When Tuffy was so sick I had to take him to a animal hospital for a ultrasound because the vet couldn't do them in their office.

She did talk about doing a Xray but I said to try the antibiotics and see, I am regretting not doing a Xray while she was there today big time. I know for a fact she pooped last night about 9:00 and she didn't have to strain to go. The vet said what she felt was more of a pooping problem but what I told her about the way she is acting sounds like a UTI so we are confused right now what is going on with her.

I still can't get her out from under the bed, I gave her a small bowl of water under there, I didn't see her drink any yet. Normally she comes to me when she don't feel good, but tonight I can't even touch her and she attacks me.
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I hope she will be ok. I am lucky my Vet does the Ultrasounds. Has she had any Meds yet?
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Yes, the vet gave her a shot of antibiotics to get some in her system right away.
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Alot of times the Antibiotics make them not want to eat. Im not sure if the shot does that though. I hope she feels better. My 16 year old Coco is on her 5th bottle of Antibiotics right now. If it is a Urine infection it can take a while to get rid of.
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The vet also gave Missy some fluids because she seemed dehydrated. But every time she goes to the vet she says she is dehydrated. Missy did eat some, I gave her some food under the bed, but she won't eat the soft food she normally goes crazy for.

Missy has been doing so good lately for her age, they put her on the scale and she gained a pound since the last time she was there. I don't know if she ate something she shouldn't have or what started all this.

She is sleeping under the bed now, she don't seem to be hurting to bad but she is so good at hiding it when she don't feel good, I guess they don't want to show they are sick because of the way Cozmo is acting toward her.
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I think older Cats get dehydrated faster then younger Cats. Is she going to the Vets again.
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Yvonne said many years ago Missy had crystals that blocked her up and couldn't pee, this was before I knew Yvonne or Missy, Missy was already 10 years old when I met Yvonne. I didn't know this when I was at the vet today or I would have said something.

Missy did go in the back room and peed a whole bunch tonight, but then she and Cozmo got into a big fight, I yelled at him to leave Missy alone and gave him a little swap on the rear end but he won't listen.

They want a urine sample real bad and I don't think I can get one so I am going to ask if I can take her back again in the morning to see if they can get some from her. Yvonne wonders if she had a crystal blockage and when I picked her up this afternoon and was holding her to put her into the carrier that I put enough pressure on her bladder and the blockage came out and she peed all over me. She is able to control her bladder so I am sure she didn't pee because she was scared or upset, I have had her in the same carrier many times before and to the same vet many times so it was nothing new to her.

They asked if there was any blood in the urine, I had a new white tee shirt {with wrestler John Cena on it} and there was no red in it.

Maybe the vet is also right about her being constipated or some kind of blockage going on, I totally forgot that the other day she ate her soft food and she threw it up soon after. She never throws up her soft food, she will sometimes throw up the dry food right after she eats, I don't know if she eats to fast sometimes or what.

I don't know where she is right now, Cozmo had her hiding under some stuff in the back room to get away from him, she gets so scared and takes off and jumps and tries to climb on anything to get away from him she sometimes falls or gets herself stuck in odd places, I hope she don't hurt herself any more than she already is hurting.

Maybe I will have to keep Missy in the bedroom with her food and water and a litter box with the door closed so the others don't bother her till she gets better?

I hate it when my animals get sick, Yvonne says I take better care of the cats than I do of myself or Yvonne, which is probably true I guess.

I can't believe Cozmo is acting like this toward Missy, normally he looks after all his girls. We had 3 boys and 2 girls but two of the big orange boys went with the kids when they got there own place. So I got Misty a while ago, now Cozmo is the only boy and we have 3 girls. Cozmo normally will lick them on the head and stuff like that if they meet walking around the house. But he goes out of his way the last couple days to basically attack Missy when ever she tries to go anyplace in the house, which gets Willy our little dog going so he joins in and also chases Missy. Angel and Misty just do their own thing and leave Missy alone. Cozmo is still pretty young yet so I guess that is part of why he is acting the way he is.

Sorry for the long post, I just need to vent a little tonight I guess.
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i'd keep her isolated from him, for now.
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Keep him away from her. When my Vet cant get a sample from Coco she gives her Sub Q's and we leave her there for about two hours so they will get a sample. She throws up frpm her bladder problems. I think older Cas get constipated. She always does.
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Originally Posted by Tom W View Post
I yelled at him to leave Missy alone and gave him a little swap on the rear end but he won't listen. .
No, don't smack Cosmo, Tom. It sounds like he senses somethings wrong with Missy and that's why he's being like he is?.

Just keep them apart as much as you can until the problems been sorted.
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I am happy to report Missy was yelling in my ear at 6:30 this morning "FEED ME" She ate a bunch of her soft food and drank a bunch of water. Cozmo let her eat all by herself till she was done like he used to so maybe things will get better real fast around here.

Cozmo normally listens if I tell him "no" in a stern voice and give him a little tap. I barely touch him when I do it.
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Mamma Kitty had the same type thing last year. She had UTI plus an E-coli infection. Meds and hydration, I got to stick her under her skin with an IV and give fluids every day. It worked, she got better but it took a toll on her kidneys. And she died 18 months later
It takes very little when they are old. She was 15 years old and 4 pounds, and she was my heart. I miss her soooo much.
Best of luck with your baby, I hope she gets better

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Soooo glad Missy is doing better Hope she continues to improve (and Cozmo behaves himself!)
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Missy is doing better, but now she pees everywhere but the litter boxes??? I have noticed that allot of times she will eat her wet food and then as soon as she is done eating she will go to her cat bed and pee all over it. I called the vet about Missy and she told me to take her bed and blankets off the old chair and put one of the litter boxes there, well now she pees in the corner of the bed room on the floor. I feel bad she is having problems, but her peeing all over is getting old fast. I washed her cat bed about 4 times since Tuesday.

Anyone have any ideas what is going on with her? I don't think she is loosing it mentally otherwise.


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Check out TCS's current guest expert about litter issues.
She might have some advice for you.
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Hi, Sorry for not keeping up to date with Missy. She is doing fine now and using the litter boxes again. She was playing with some cat toys the other day which she hardly ever does normally.
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I am glad she is better.
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I'm so glad Missy is better. I've had 3 kitties that made it to 21 y/o (strangely, all 3 were female); sounds as if Missy if really doing well for her age. Give her a good ear skritching from me, please.
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Missy is doing good, but she is now so afraid of Cozmo she won't go out of our bedroom. I had to put a small litter box in the room or she would pee on the carpet. I wonder if I should take the small bowl of cat food out of the room so she has to go into the back room to eat, but I don't want her to starve herself because she is so stubborn.
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Glad Missy is feeling better. Honestly, if it was me, I'd let her have a litter box, food and water in the bedroom. At 21 she's a bit of an "old gal" and should be able to have some peace in her life.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
Glad Missy is feeling better. Honestly, if it was me, I'd let her have a litter box, food and water in the bedroom. At 21 she's a bit of an "old gal" and should be able to have some peace in her life.

You are right, if she is comfortable staying in the bedroom all the time I should just let her be.

Missy and Cozmo used to chase each other all over the house till she got sick, since then when Cozmo gets close to her Missy gets all upset and hisses and spits at Cozmo even if he just walks by her. I figured that Cozmo and Missy running all over the place was good for Missy to help keep her in shape. She still can get around and jump on high things just fine yet. I don't know if laying around all the time would be bad for her joints and stuff. I still don't really understand why Cozmo was acting like he was, normally if one of the other cats were sick Cozmo seemed to want to help them the best he could, not be nasty to them.

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