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Introducing my new baby! (Lots'o'Pics)

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Well here he is! My new baby. He is a happy, yet scared little guy, who is afraid of everything. He went to the bathroom all over the floor yesterday because I dropped something loud in the other room. We are trying really hard to get him some confidence, and geez, it is some task!

He is such a good boy though! Other then his accidents at every noise he is way better then we expected. He is also the cuddle master! Lol, which I love, I don’t think I have gotten so many cuddles in my life! LOL.

It’s going to be a long hard road but when I am done with this cutie he is going to be a big boy who’s confidant and happy!

Thanks to all that helped me name him. We decided on Bruno.

Here he is on Daddy’s lap. Hes so cute!

He loves his new bed.

This is my favorite, you can see his tail going LOL. We were trying to get him to stay with a treat but he doesn’t know that command yet lol. Little Bugsy is behind him wanting treats too.

Still gotto show off my other boys LOL Heres Bugsy just waking up in his favorite bed wanting attention.

And the love of my life, Capone.

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Wow!! I just love his markings! Look at those legs.
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He is adorable! Congrats!! I'm sure with a little TLC he will start to be more confident in no time. Did he come from an abusive home?
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Thanks guy! I know, he has great legs! With those legs I am thinking of bringing him to agility classes. I figure he will be great at it and it’ll be a huge confidence booster for him.

This little fellow was abused. Poor little guy. He gets scared really easily. This morning Capone was playing with his favorite toy, my elastic band and Bruno picked it up in his mouth when Capone shot it to him. All I did walk up to him, and take it out of his mouth, that made him pee all over the floor. Every day since we have had him (we got him Thurs 12th) there has been an incident where he thought he was in huge trouble even though we did absolutely nothing scary to him. Its pretty sad that some idiot would bully a poor little puppy.

He is doing well though. The first time he pee’ed on the floor (second day we had him) he ran away and hid behind the sofa shaking. We tried to tell him it was ok for about 2 min, that whole two min he sat there pee’ing and shaking so hard so we just ignored him until he realized we weren’t going to hurt him. Now when he does something bad he runs away, but when we call him he comes slowly and sadly but at least he doesn’t freak out terrified.

He is also more confident on leash. We have been socializing everyday making sure we walk him near people, animals and especially children (SPCA said he’s not good with kids because he had a “Bad” experience…this poor little guy had no one) He now doesn’t shake horribly when meeting new people and doesn’t bark at the children.

So he is getting better and after only 1 week! He is getting all the love in the world and has a new friend in Capone.

You can see in the last pic how nervous he is. He does that for everything because he’s just not sure about anything. He has such little confidence he gets nervous he is going to get a command wrong that we teach him everyday.
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He is adorable!
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Congratulations on Bruno. I used to have a female dog that wet when she was scared, which was like at about everything. She did get over it and here's some vibes that Bruno will too.
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He's so gorgeous! I am in love. Your cats are gorgeous as well.
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Aww what a sweetie-pie! With lots of love and patience, I think he can get over what his previous owners did to him. Poor little boy... Some psychological scars will stay with him forever, but I'm sure he'll make good progress with his new loving home. Do keep us updated on his progress.. and I sure won't mind more photos too!
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Awww he has such a sad story! I hate people who abuse helpless, innocent animals!! I'm glad that he is with you and in a good, loving home now.
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Oh my goodness he is so cute!!!! I wish you the best of luck with him! I bet with some time he will adjust to all the new noises of the house.
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I followed this thread from another thread and it just made me so sad to know that someone abused that precious baby. I am so very glad he has someone who will be so patient and loving to him. How is he doing now? How has he progressed? Do you have more pics of that sweet baby?
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Bruno is gorgeous!
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It does take time. Keno was abused and scared to death of even coming in the house and walking on tile floors. One thing you cannot do is "comfort" them when scared as it only reinforces in their minds that its something to be scared of.

When you drop something and the dog acts afraid, just say "oops sorry" but not in a "ahhh poor puppy scared" type of tone. And don't rush over and comfort for being scared.

We do that with thunderstorms - Keno's still scared of them and thunder and we just act like it doesn't bother us at all (pack leaders) and don't baby her with them. It helps some, but not all the time.
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