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Daily Thread Monday June 23rd!

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Morning folks!

Thunderstorms and hot today as usual lately.

No real plans today..just heading to the gym after work. Then getting ready for my trip this weekend by cleaning and doing laundry..etc..

Heading to Ottawa to see Josh on Friday. Can't wait. I can't stand much more of this long distance bs.

Have a great day!
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i haven't been doing much today either, just posting about my rabbit (which no one has yet replied to!) And chilling out

Then later it's off to the gym lol

Have a good day peeps!
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My waldrobe is a complete wreck! i have a big pile of clothes on the bed, and i have no where to store them! i will have to wait untill fh is home to maybe even fix it!
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Its a cool sunny morning here (55F/13C) temps not to bad today and tomorrow.

Its a lighter work week (by choice) too. Going to try to get out some invoices this morning before heading out but can't mail them from home as I haven't picked up a new mailbox yet.

Slept good until 3:30 am when Bobs wanted to come in then about 45 min later some @&*#@ drives past and pretends he is a race car driver in his vehicle with what I think is illegal muffler(s). I know where the guy lives (about 1.5 miles away) and he drives down our road quite a bit and you can hear him coming from quite a way away!!

So lots of errands today and a stop and two clients.

I see the wrens are back at it on the birdhouse too.

All Bobs and OX outside the other two in the house-Bakker is an angel this morning as he was very good outside this weekend-the collar and bell does the trick.

Well will try to grill out tonite as we didn't last night.

Enjoy Monday as best as you can!!
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Good morning everyone. I still havn't gone to bed. I have been having trouble sleeping for the passed couple days but thats ok.

Not much planned for today. My dad is coming over to help me build a play stand made out of manzanita branches for my macaw. I can't wait to finally ge it finished.

I hope everyone has a good day!
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Morning All!!

Raining again here today, seems like we get one nice day to every 4 of rain lately.

Off to a slow start this morning, but heading off to work shortly. Feeling much better then I did yesterday.

Nothing much planned for after work, just some laundry and tidy up a bit.

Kitties are tearing around the house right now, it's their version of the kitty Olympics I guess..

Everyone have a great day
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good morning everyone

Today is a cleaning day and I hope i'm feeling better soon so I can start

Kinda warm and nice here today with sun although they are calling for thunderstorms this afternoon

Hope everyone had a good weekend and are geared up for the rest of the week
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Hello fellow TCS-ers!

Today is Monday, need I say more?

Weekend was great, we caught mommy! What else matters?? Then, because we had her back, hubby and I took our dogs to Ft. Funston (leash-free area on the beach, yay!) and had a great time. But, it was COLD!! And today is cold, too. I sure enjoyed summer while it lasted!

Everything has been over shadowed by the drama the X-Pack was going through (if you're interested: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=169635 ), but I do have good news!

A while back I mentioned that we bought a new Prius and were just waiting for it to be delivered- we got it this weekend!!!

So my most exciting news for today is that I got to drive my NEW TOY to work!! He he.

Otherwise, not many plans. Must do housework tonight since I was too distracted over the weekend to get anything done. Oops.
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