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Pretty Naffy Weekend (Long and vibes needed!)

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Here are the reasons why I had such a pretty naff weekend...

1. Monty has gone lame

2. There is a pigeon flapping around in my nans back yard with what looks like an injured wing, but I haven't actually seen it yet this morning so I couldn't say whether or not it's still here

3. On a sort of happy note I saved a hedgehog from death! He was lying in the middle of the road, curled into a ball, so while he was still in shock I shifted him out of the way of any cars.

4. There was an incident in the paper saying that a boy of 16 has slashed a horse, obviously meaning that it has had to be PTS, and he only got about 1year in jail for it, and as the owner of the horse stood in courst with the boy's parents, when they declared how long the boy got, the mother turned to the owner and said "I hope you're happy now". GRRR THIS MADE ME SO ANGRY! Why give him that little amount of jail time!?

5. Ok this is the main thing that has made my weekend naff. There is a family down the end of my road who have 4 kids. The youngest are about 6 and 8, and the oldest are 16 and 19. The other day my mom was reading the paper and in it was a statement saying that a body of a young male was found unconcious in a lake near where we live. Obviously we thought nothing of it, but it was still tragic. Luckily the person was in hospital, and presumably alive.
Next thing we know my dad rings us up and tells us that Beau, the 19 year old boy who lives down the road from us, is dead! I never really knew him, but seeing his mom and dad in bits outside and all of the neighbours hugging them and getting upset makes it a hell lot worse.
it turns out that he was out with mates and decided to dive into the lake, causing him to break his neck in 3 places, and if he managed to survive, then this fit and healthy and always active lad would be paralysed.
He wasn't the most well-behaved lad but he was still a pretty nice person, and when everything has settled down we have to go over and see his mom and dad, as my mom and dad are friends with them, and I'm friends with the 16 year old daugher.

I just wanted to post this and hope you nice peeps will send some good old TCS vibes to these fuzzy animals and also to his family

UPDATE - It turns out that the boy only got around 6-8 MONTHS in jail for what he had done.
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sorry to here about that here are many vibes for everyone
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Lots of vibes for the injured and the deceased. Life is too short.
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that is sooo sad!! for the family,monty and the pigeon

for the boy who hurt the horse..

for you saving the hedgehog!!
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I don't understand the sentence that 16-year-old got, either. One of my favorite plays is "Equus," and that's essentially the premise of it: a teenage boy stabbing some horses, and a psychiatrist has to figure out why. In the play, it is an extremely complex situation, and we do end up having some sympathy for the boy -- but the fact remains that the boy is insane and must not be turned loose.

I think it's safe to assume that this boy shouldn't be turned loose, either. Certainly not that quickly!

What about Monty? Are you taking him to the vet?
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Aww, that`s not good.

Vibes and prayers for you, Monty and that poor family
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
What about Monty? Are you taking him to the vet?

Monty isn't technically my horse. He lives at the stables that I ride at several times a week, and I just help look after him Sorry if my siggy confused you! I just love him and want to spread his cuteness!! He should be better by next week
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The thing that bothered me the most was the story about the boy and the horse. Something is TERRIBLY wrong with the boy for doing that!! And it sounds like his parents aren't accepting any responsibility for that... blaming the horse owners etc.

Sigh... no wonder the world is such a mess.
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Sending out some prayers for these situations.
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