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Please Help Our Cat Cassy.....

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Unfortunately one of our family members is sick. Her name is Cassy and has been larthargic for about 2 weeks now. Extremely weak (She cant jump on the counter) etc. etc. We took her to the vet 4 days ago and the doc said that she was de-hyrdrated and running a fever. Ran test on aids and leukemiah. All came out fine there. Put her on amoxcil anti-biotic which we have been administering. Unfortunately over the weekend she does not appear to have gotten better. Extremely larthargic and non-respondant. Basically stays in the bath tub in a box? We dont really want to over-excite her and force her to get active. We really dont know what to do except to call the Vet tommorow. She basically looks like a human that is on valium and had about 6 beers. No apparent lesions or signs of trauma. We are not aware of anything abnormal that could of happened. The only thing we can possibly think of is that we had a exterminator come in a couple of months ago......and this is when it all started. The pest control assured me that the spray would not harm any animals. Has anybody ever experienced these type of symptoms with their cat? If so, we would greatly appreciate any type of feedback that you could give. Our choices of knowin what to do are limited.
Jon & Paula
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I bet thats the prob. The chemicals can harm Cats and make them sick.
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I do not allow pesticides of any type in our home for this very reason.
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It was most likely the pesticides. Call the vet ASAP like you planned to. Amoxi is, IMO, a fairly worthless antibiotic. If you feel like you are not getting anywhere with your vet, find another. A cat who is not eating/drinking that is obviously dehydrated will die rapidly. Did the vet do anything for the dehydration?
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Did you have a full blood panel done? It could be just a lttle illness, but it sounds a lot more serious, like perhaps liver or kidney failure, both of which could be caused by the pesticide. You should probably also call the exterminator to find out what pesticide he used on your house.
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Take her back to the vets. If you have not already, explain the pesticides in your house. Discuss what else could be wrong (dehydration/fever are pretty generic symptoms - but definite signs SOMETHING is going on inside her).

If it were my cat (having just went through an illness and originally being told my very tiny, immature 7 month old kitten was going into heat when she started meowing as if in pain and hiding )....I would immediately ask for a complete blood work. If you're going to pay to get her blood taken and tested...might as well go all out and get the full thing done (sometimes they will run a condensed blood work that doesn't give a complete picture of what might be going on). CBC, Serology, and....hemeotology? Perhaps someone can tell you what to ask for.

Basic blood work is the first step. From there, there is a whole gammit of tests they can run....but I would bet that the bloods will tell you SOMETHING! I have no idea what pesticides would cause, but an infection will cause all types of elevations. Amoxil is a pretty weak antibiotic from my understanding - a lot of infections won't respond to it.

If the dehydration hasn't already been treated, I would get some sub-qs at best....or have her put on an IV for a day. A fever can cause a cat to become dehyrated, and dehydration makes a cat's fever worse - so it is dangerous business.

Is she eating at all? If not, you need to get some food into her. You can get some tasty, soft wet food from the vet. If you heat it up a bit, the smell will be stronger. Adding a bit of warm water might allow her to lap the food easier. I force fed Zoey - some people use a syringe, but I just put small amounts on popsicle stick and "scraped" it against the roof of her mouth. She spit a lot of it out at first, but got used to it and eventually cooperated.

When Zoey was sick, I kept a journal of her illness. I thought back to the very first day and wrote about her symptoms, what she ate, when she had medicine, etc...so that when I went to the vet, I didn't have to think about what I wanted to say/ask.

I hope this helps and that Cassy is feeling better soon!
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