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My cats and foster kittens (Random pics)

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I haven't posted much pictures of my kitties on this forum, so thought I should start! I have 19 adult cats, and 9 foster kittens. 4 of the foster kittens are for a cat rescue ( and they are 2 6 week old Siamese brother and sister, 1 7 week old Siamese/Snow Shoe girl, and 1 7 week old Dilute tortoiseshell girl (They are both siblings). All 4 of them were pulled out of our kill shelter (My city IS the worst in the U.S when it comes to cat overpopulation. Its horrible here in the Central Valley). And then I have 2 3 week old bottle babies (A red and white male, and a silver chinchilla female..not related. The boy is another foster for the above rescue, and the girl was found by a friend of mine in her aunt's backyard, along with 2 dead kittens). And then I have a mother cat found at an impound lot pregnant. She has 2 6 week old kittens (Male and female, we are keeping the male). And then my little red longhaired tabby girl Annabelle, who WAS a foster..but well...shes here now. (Shes 10 weeks old, and she was abandoned with her litter in someone's front yard. Her 5 other siblings already found good homes).

And on to the pictures:

That's Molly, the Snowshoe/Siamese mix. She is a SWEET HEART!! She will get adopted in a second!

Molly's sister..who is very unfriendly. We are working on it. (I am trying to give everyone a name to "label" them under on Petfinder.)

That's Katie, she is about 8 years old. We adopted her form PetSmart adoptions when we only had 4 other cats lol

I have 12 dogs! There is Chad mixed in with them during treat time lol


Margaret "Maggie" and Rudiger (my brother named him). The Siamese siblings.

And that was Pebble's tail (She was rescued from a backyard breeder who just let her cats breed, and they all lived outside and the kittens all became ferals, and then bred even more..And they lived on a busy street, which ended the lives of many of them.)

Molly again

Gregory (him and his brother London were my bottle babies last year! They were both just neutered last week)


Paris (Adopted from the SPCA)

London and Paris

Maggie again

Scooby, he was abandoned at my mom's job. We bottle fed him.
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my two current bottle babies, Delilah and no name.


Maggie and Rudiger

my brother and his favorite kitten, Molly!

Barry (His mother was a stray, and had her kittens in our garage in a lawnmower of all places! We kept 3 of her 6 kittens).


Molly her first day here

There is Monkey and his sister (From the mother cat I got from the impound lot)




I made the "Cat litter box cake" was pretty good.

Bubbles, my mom's kitty. Her and her siblings were bottle fed for the SPCA. We kept all 3.

London again

Monkey again

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Delilah nursing off of Smokette


"No pictures please"

Annabelle nursing off of Smokette (Smokette feeds her own 2 kittens, Annabelle, AND my two bottle babies..but not as often as they need, so I still have to bottle feed them).

Barry LOVES Annabelle

"Okay..WHAT'S that?!?!"

Bubbles, my mom's baby


Chad (he came from an old neighbor who had THREE litters of kittens of different ages at ONE time. Ridiculous! We took Chad and his brother Spam before they ended up at the SPCA.

Pebbles again

My next door neighbors cat, Mickey..who was abandoned by the previous owners of my house.
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London (pre-neuter)

Tigglez, the other cat abandoned here.

Chad again

Chad and Katie lounging in the backyard

Lola (Barry's sister)

Annabelle when she was a bit younger

Thats it!
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Wow you defnitely have a HUGE fur-family there, and they're very beautiful! I noticed you have a little unnamed kitten somewhere in the pile of photos, maybe you could set up a "name the kitten" contest here!
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OMG what a load of weenies! Lol They are all so cute! Nice cake!
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Greyt pics! Thanks for sharing.
Smokette looks alot like my Hatchet.

Also I think I know you from a dog forum!
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My goodness, you must have a busy house! What beautiful babies!
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Thanks! And yes, I sure do have a house full! lol

Also I think I know you from a dog forum
Chzhound or Globalpaw? lol
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Wow, I could so see me having that many gorgeous babies one day! I LOVE Delilah!!! What an odd and gorgeous coloring!!
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I know you from Globalpaw...I am "Vanilla" there.
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That's a full house!!!! I bet your always busy with all those critters! I can't believe how gorgeous ALL those kittens are! They have the most beautiful coloring!
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Everyone is just gorgeous!!!!
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