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New Pics of my Fosters!

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Here are pictures I took this morning, most of them were still sleeping
We're going to keep two of them, just undecided who yet! They are all just so lovable and sweet!

This is Natty with them all, I love the look on Raven Jr. face!! (orange on left)

This is my little Indy, he's most likely going to be a flame point! O and the mark on his nose is from a skin rash he had, it's healing though

Boots, both her back legs are orange.

Harrison, he's my little bug eyed baby, he's a little purr bomb.

Raven Jr, he's my little cry-baby but he's sweet.

Onyx & Harrison, pretty sure Onyx will be long haired.

Onyx is my little adventurer.
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They are sooooo adorable! The last pic of Onyx makes him look like he's only got one leg
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Awwww, how adorable!!!! They look like little stinkers! Won't be much longer till they are into EVERYTHING! LOL.
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Ha i was thinking the same thing about my little Onyx, she's such a cutie!

They're already trying to run around and they're not even that old ha, mommy moved them to the closet so now I have a pillow up by the door so no more escapee's for now!
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I'm bummed Indy is gonna be a flame point.

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haha why bummed?
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I love white cats, but solid white ones. Only pointed ones I've ever met are naughty.
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Haha yeah, i know what you mean. He's looking like a kitten I had when I was little, he's probably one of the two kittens we're adopting.
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Oh my goodness, I could eat them up. There should have been a cuteness warning on this thread.

Can I bring Boots and Indy Home? Please?
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They are adorable And how cool is the one with the orange back legs How will you ever choose
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Awwww...what a bunch of sweeties. I agree, though...this thread should have a cuteness warning!!
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Aww, how cute! I have 2 babies that age, but i am bottle feeding them!
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We still have no clue who we're keeping.... they're all so amazing!

O and I'm bottle feeding these too, Natty never seemed to make enough milk... but she still cares for them
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Delayed cuteness warning was too late!

They're beyond precious, what little dolls! And Natty looks like such a good, happy mommy! What a sweet family.

Wish I could get pics of mine as one happy family... Too bad mommy is never happy!

Maybe I'm seeing things, but your Harrison looks like my Davy, and Onyx looks just like Sao! No wonder I think they're so cute.

Isn't it adorable how you can see their little personalities so soon on? Let us know who you decide to keep! We're trying not to keep any, but it sure isn't easy!
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I know!

Indy is a cuddle bug, I'm pretty sure we're adopting him.

Harrison is so adventurous and sweet.

Raven is a bit fussy a lot and not as forward about being sweet but we're working with him and he's getting a lot better.

Onyx runs to me the second she sees me, she's the smallest, and she's one of the others ones we're thinking on adopting.

Boots is just precious, she's such a sweet heart, she's also one of the ones we want...

I wonder if we can adopt 5 kittens....
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can I take them home with me? How adorable!

They are so much like the fosters that were on their way a few weeks ago at the spca.
A carrier was being loaded into a van to be taken to their foster home. I took a peek and saw a beautiful tortise shell cat with her babies (abandoned near the military base). I thought it was just the one cat, until these little heads popped out from under the blanket, one by one, there was a white one, a black one, and orange one and a beige one.

All different colours. Just like these guys.

I can't wait until I'm settled in here and have time to be a foster mommy. I'm wedging myself in there at the spca.
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