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Where is Bunn??

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I was just going throught the posts, and thought "hey, I haven't seen Bunn around for a while", Anyone know where he's gone off to?

I miss his funny Darth Bunn stories.
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bunn is gone and will not be back. pm me if you want to know where to find him on the world wide web.
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OMG someone actually posted! Here's to you Lulu, have a beer on me! I have found a more open Cat forum where freedom of speech isn't surpressed and comments aren't spoken behind my back, well unless it's Bundy then she's usually calling me more names than I can imagine, but she's allowed too.

I have recieved some very nice PMs and e-mails from members of this forum. I'd like to thank each and everyone of those members and I'd like to say I love you all. Thank you for caring, the rest of you I didn't know so no hard feelings.

Bye guys and gals, it was fun!


BTW I hate no-one.

BTW The kitty army loves you, although we have been known to steal cupcakes from others we are genarally a nice lot and do enjoy a belly rub!

Yes I have edited this to a degree, probably as I don't wanmt to upset other members who I care about.
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the kitteh army steals cupcakes? does ghys know this??!!
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I miss the kitteh army. There is an empty place here where they used to threaten world domination.
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I miss the kitteh army too!! BuNN, while you were here you really helped make this site a fun place, and I was so sorry to see you leave!

:LOL::LOL::LOL:Jan, Ghys is probably baking all the cupcakes that BuNN's army keeps stealing! :LOL:
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More like Ghys is baking something with the cupcakes, but that's a whole 'nother story...
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I always enjoyed you being here Bunn...I miss your sense of humor! I hope all is going well for you!
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i really think bunneh
is very, very funneh
but since he went away
the kitteh army has strayed
and now they just attack bundy

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