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Seriously. Come on post office...

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Ok so my room mate and I have been having issues with out mailperson and our local post office for the past 8 months or so. It has gotten progressively worse over the past 3 months or so.
We constantly get other peoples mail, and I can understand if we get the wrong apartment letters mail, but we get it from people at like 4000 we live in the 4900's. So even though our mail box had numbers and letters on it, we spray painted it and painted large new numbers and letters on it. So that has helped a bit.

But it has started again. We even get stuff from the wrong street... we live on a main highway.
But what topped the cake was we went to get the mail today (it was from yesterday we just didnt think to get it last night) and I had a notice from my bank in there that said I had an overdraw notice. So I'm like what the heck, I know I'm not that low on money and have no big payments coming out! So I look at the top and the date was March 11th 2008. So I'm like uh.... okay?! And I looked at the post mark and it said it was processed on March 12th... any ideas how it would have gotten this lost?

Better yet who is the best to call to log a formal complaint? I really feel we need to just because the person doesnt take the time to check the address at all. Much less the house number.
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I'd say a call to the Postmaster at your PO is in order...
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WTH thats just wrong!! for sure call and complaine
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I used to work for the post office and I can say that even if you complain, it wont do you a lot of good, customer service isnt priority, making money is. However, definitley call your post office and ask to talk to the postmaster, if it doesnt get better ask to talk to the postmasters supervisor. Good luck!
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It sounds like the problem is in the mail sorting area.
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The mail carrier does the sorting, if there is a problem with where it is being delivered its the persons fault.
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thanks guys I'll try to give them a call in the morning! I hope it helps a little!
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Ours isn't much better here. We only get mail 2-3 days a week most weeks but after a day we don't get any, there is usually a ton of stuff (usually just junk mail). At Christmas, they lost my gift I sent to my grandma, and I complained and they refunded my money.
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I've lived in my house for 12 yrs and I still get mail for the previous owners. I've just put it back in the mailbox with big red letters: NO SUCH PERSON AT THIS ADDRESS. When it is delivered to the wrong house (yeah, here too) I put a post-it on it asking the mailman to clean his glasses.
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I was having huge problems with my mail a couple of years back. Not only was I not getting some mail that I was expecting, I was getting mail a month late, etc.

I wrote to the Postmaster General. I also wrote (and went to) the supervisor at my post office branch (Radio City Station in NYC). When I wrote, I included copies of the front and the back of any envelopes that had been late. The envelopes have bar codes on them (front and back....the ones on the back sometimes can't be seen, because they're a faint flourescent pink....but they're there). If they have copies of the envelopes, they can find out where they went before they ended up (finally) in your mailbox.

The machines that read the envelopes (yes....machines....give me a break ) sometimes read envelopes wrong if they have glassene over the windows where the address is. So the envelopes get misdirected. And sometimes get sent back. It's ridiculous.

We have a really good mail carrier in this building. There are 38 floors, 12 apartments on each floor. Believe me, I've accused the post office of hiring illiterates who can't read....if the apartment numbers are right on the envelope, why are they going into the wrong boxes? But Yvette, our current carrier, seems to have taken the time to know people and actually can read numbers. Sorry.....that was really sarcastic.

But she was off a couple of months ago, and a check I was waiting for went to a completely different apartment - and I didn't get it until a week afterwards, at which point I had already called the person who issued the check and gotten a new one, so I had to shred this one.

As you can see, don't get me started on the Post Office. I get sorta p.o.'d
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Oh my goodness!!! He's worse than ours!!!! And that's hard to believe. We've been getting other peoples' mail as well, and it's so frustrating! I don't want their crap! My SO also has to pick up mail from his dad's house every week. Apparently they look at the last name and call it good, even though it has a completely different address on it. Every time I complain it gets better, for a while.

Our post men are very lazy. The job can't be that hard if you can read. Not too mention we live in a town of less than 3,000 people.
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Wow! You guys are harsh. Count the pieces of mail you get for a week and multiply it by the number of pieces on a mail route. I think it's amazing that more errors aren't made.
And printed labels are easy, but the handwriting of some of the people sending the mail - unreadable.

The few pieces of mail that are delivered to us by mistake - we just deliver them to the correct address, which is usually just a block or so away. The only exception is the person in MI who keeps sending Christmas cards to someone else at our address. Since we can't find the person, we just return the card to sender. Five years and they still don't have the correct address.
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Originally Posted by Sweets View Post
NO SUCH PERSON AT THIS ADDRESS. When it is delivered to the wrong house (yeah, here too) I put a post-it on it asking the mailman to clean his glasses.
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I get the wrong apartment numbers sometimes, but I am pretty sure that the post box here for outgoing mail gets collected oh, whenever they feel like it. Mailing stuff to an hour away (my parents, etc) sometimes takes overnight and sometimes takes a week. I mailed graduation announcements, and had already received replies from relatives in Minnesota faster than me recent father's day card was sent.

But what really scares me is when they continue to deliver mail for people I KNOW filed a change of address. Some mail is pretty personal, some mail can result in identity theft in the wrong hands.

Sure, errors should be expected, but mail is truly important. If they want to just write off errors as unavoidable, then maybe we should stop sending anything important through the mail.
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