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City is trapping/killing ferals....need advice

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I'm looking for some advice on what I and my rescue friends can do. We take care of feral colonies around town. Numbers are finally getting stable due to our TNR efforts. We have spent much money (with pleasure) in getting these babies sp/neutered, vaccinated and medical treatment.

Problem is the city has started trapping to get the cats out of the way of construction. A citizen stopped one of us to say they saw a trap with a cat in it out in the hot sun, 95 degrees, wet, eyes sunken and seemed near death. This person knew we took care of them and they released the cat from trap and let us know what they saw.

We have several cats missing. Animal control probably got them? The city will only trap during the day and they take them to a kill shelter....from what we have been told. Animal control just puts traps out and leaves them exposed and does not check regularly. We are on a watch and plan to trip the traps to try and protect the cats from immediate harm. We will be at great risk for being arrested! But what else to do?

Already talked to mayor, other city officials, city attorney, etc.

Next? Is it bad to contact the media. They always do touchy feely stories about the "cat ladies" taking care of the cats. It's never been told where the colonies are located. I fear the public knowing where they are located. Will this work?

I am contacting all the local rescue groups I can think of. They don't know how to help.

Please, any thoughts? We have worked so hard and the cats are doing so well. We have rescued all that even had a glimmer of taming. I am not ready to just give up!
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Hurry contact! They have worked miracles in stopping such attacks on ferals. Good luck, I worry about ferals all the time because of ignorance and hate toward them.
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I take it that one particular construction area is the problem? You say that the city is doing it and you've talked to the mayor - how about talking to the construction manager and other people lower in the chain of command? There are often more able to actually take immediate action.

Have you considered trapping the cats yourselves and relocating the colony? Could you get cooperation from the people setting the traps to release the cats into your care, or let you check the traps and take the cats without fear of arrest?

Good luck! You're doing a great thing.
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Thank you both for the ideas. We have been in contact with Alley Cat Allies for the past nine months or so. They suggested relocating to barns. We have been searching for a barn or similar enviroment to relocate. No luck. Not much around here. We have posted fliers in feed stores, all the vet offices (vet offices in other counties), hair salons, grocery stores, etc. We will keep contacting that organization in hopes of some more help.

Good thought to go to the construction companies. Maybe they will be more sympothetic than out city gov. It is just this one area. A wooded strip of land in the middle of city. We have taken many of the cats into our care that we could tame and they are comfortable living inside.

The animal control is the one leaving cats in traps all day in the open sun and heat. They have relinquished kittens to us before that were orphaned and not weaned, but will not turn over the adult cats. Something about being required to take them to a certain shelter which is a kill shelter.

We don't have any vets in this city that will treat a feral. We have been driving to other towns to get treatment and spay/neuter.

Thank you so much for the ideas. If anything more comes to mind, please pass it along. We are willing to try anything.
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This kind of thing really bothers me because the reason there are feral cats to begin with are stupid, irresponsible people. Maybe they trap them and put them down!

Anyway, best of luck and you're a great person for doing this.
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awww the poor little kitty's i'm glad you guys are going to do something about it and I wish you all good luck!!
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Personaly I would probably spray cat repellent on those traps....

I hate to hear things like this, we too maintain a colony. I suggest that you contact Animal Control and tell them that you are going to trap & relocate the cats. Let them know that you have alot of money invested in those cats.

Put ads everywhere, go to horse forums and put up ads for 'barn cats.' Craigslist, petfinder, put up posters at local pet stores.

Maybe get an outdoor enclosure and keep them until you can find good barn cat home, or a safe place to relocate them...

Good luck, I am sorry that this is happening to you.
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Thanks for the tip about cat repellent. Good idea! I saved a recipe for homemade cat repellent. Will check on something the healthfood stores may have as well.

Animal control is a one woman operation and not into what we are doing. Nor is the city government. Even though this small group of women have put a huge slow down on the kitten population....we are not well recieved.

I will take some of our fliers to the coliseium when they have a horse event. Did not think of that.

Will also look into where we might put an enclosure on a temporary basis. Maybe a large enclosed dog run?

Thank you for sharing your ideas. This helps so much.
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You're welcome! As for the enclosure, just as long as they have enough room to run and get away from problem cats (plenty of hidey spots). No matter what kind you get there are a few things you need to do, go over the whole thing-inch for inch pulling and pushing on it (feral proof), get them a dog house if there is no shelter (rain/cold), make sure that no openings are over 3 inches wide (head could get caught), and you may want to build a little fenced in 'porch' around the door, so if they get out of the enclosure (while you are going in and out) they get suck on the porch.

As for spraying the traps with repellent, your not touching their traps.... just don't get caught, LOL! Make sure you spray the bait too, a hungry cat will do anything for food. Good luck, those cats are so lucky to have you & your friends.
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How are the ferals coming along?
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Just caught this.
I am convinced that there are people in this world that hate cats and take pleasure in hurting them. A person who cared about all animals would never do such a thing.
I would advise talking to the media. Lobbying the public for support. You have a strong case for your TNR efforts being successful.
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Thank you all so much for the ideas and the emotional support to push ahead. We have worked so hard to do the things our local government didn't do. Like vet care, getting them spay/neutered, vaccinations, shelter and food. The kitten population has disappeared in this area due to our efforts.

I know they are just doing their job, but let's be humane about it and not let a cat suffer in the trap out in the sun all day!

I have been on the phone searching for a solution without much luck. My next move will be the media. I have been in contact with the real estate agent and she is trying to help. Now that the property has changed owners and construction is in the future, the city has to follow owner's requests.

We are trying to purchase an enclosure. No time to build. Could not find a dog run that is cat proof locally. We have acreage to take them to, just no housing. They will have to be enclosed because of other preditors.
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Maybe get a dog run and put chicken wire on it?

Good luck!
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