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My photos (pic heavy)

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Let me join the wonderful photographers with some that ive taken. These are a few pictures that i took around town with my new camera, please tell me what you think.


Near the castle down the road

Through the car window

Nature in our yard

I hope you enjoyed!
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Those are nice! There is a photography thread if you and others are interested.

Photography Thread
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Wow!!! Great pictures I love the mushroom one! Amazing!
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Cool pictures, and I the flower ones...pretty amazing!
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nice shots..your flower ones turned out nice..I love fire shots..would like to see them in color.
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Very nice photos!! You did a wonderful job!
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Thank you everyone!

The fire ones i actually took with a setting on my camera, but i did try taking some with color... they looked really..well... boring in color haha. i guess that setting made it look better?
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Very nice!
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wow really nice pictures I love the flower ones may I ask you what type of camera you took those pictures with? really nice zoom and pixels
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Its a Casio Exilim 10.1 pixels
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Very nice!!
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Marvellous picĀ“s!...great Job my friend!...
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