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Cross Stitch

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Are there any cross stitcter's out there?At one time I thought I might like to cross stitch,and bought 2 book's of cross stitich designs,both books are of animals,one is all cats,one is wild animals.I have not done anything with them.There is some beauthul picture;s. Any one interested in these book? PM or e-mail me.
I am giving these book's away,I only thing I would like is a pillow made for me.These are hard back book's.
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Hi Sherral

I do cross stitch. What types of patterns are they? Just to let you know, it takes me awhile to get anything accomplished really....what with working such odd hours, and sleep, and still trying to have a life lol. Anyways, if you're interested, or the offers still around, let me know.

Bye for now!
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Hi,thank you,I do not know anything about cross stitch,but the one book is wild anamils and the second one is all cats,the books have color coded info. all the patterns are in color and they tell you all the colors you need. Does that hepl? Pm me if you wnt them,I would never get anything done!The books came from the liberty gild they cost quite a bit,I think you would like them.
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I love cross stitch and I have two cat design books (as well as others). Unfortunately I just have no time to cross stitch any more and with Ron around I prefer to keep the threads and needles well out of his reach I do miss it a lot though!
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