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The self-playing cat

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check out our crazy nut of a furball...does anyone else have a cat that does this? i really hope
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Carly does that all of the time.

He looks like he is really enjoying his ball.
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Originally Posted by crazycatdrafter View Post
check out our crazy nut of a furball...does anyone else have a cat that does this? i really hope
Casey plays with his toy mice by himself all the time. Cute when they do that, isn't it?
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CUTE!! Ringo plays with her toy mice by herself like that as well. When I try to play with her and the mousie she just looks at me like I am messing up her fun.
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I just got a kitten thats even weirder than that! She's 6 weeks (barely) and we got her from a free box in front of a dollar store. She woke me up at 3 thismorning to feed her and to play and she got down onto the floor from my bed and just started jumping around! She was ATTACKING the floor! For no appartant reason she would jump like something was scaring her and then attack the floor behind her! It was adorable!
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Wow, that sounds sooo cute! Glad you got a hold of her; I just shudder at the idea of a poor kitten having to be adopted out at only six weeks... poor thing! Bet you're spoiling her!
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lol yeah my Monster does that, so does Mittens, but not as much. They play with each other most of the time, but sometimes, they decide to play solo. Monster is the funniest, he will chase himself around the house. he also will get into this really crazy mood for no apparent reason, & just arch his back, put his ears flat & run around sideways, lol. i think its so cute!

& about that, i hate it when people give kittens away so young. but im sure if they knew that they arent like puppies & shouldnt be given away til theyre 12 wks, then they wouldnt give them away so young.
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Even puppies should stay with their moms 'till 12 weeks as well.

I got Willow at 6 weeks and she is SENILE (it's one way of putting it, anyway, lol), but she calmed down considerably when we got Buffy (4 week old orphan, when Willow was 2 years old), and oddly, it was those extra 6 weeks being brought back to her life, albiet with the wrong cat, lol. Willow has calmed down so much that she's a totally different cat. It's weird. She's still skittish and nervous, though, but at least she doesn't go around attacking strangers who dare enter our house, lol. Strangely, Buffy turned out quite normal, in spite of her "mom"
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*nod* Especially puppies. Mom dog teaches puppies just like momcat teaches kittens.
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Ramsay plays like that almost 2 hours every morning. He'd rather play alone than with us or the other cats.
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