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Cat Attacks reflection of itselt

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My cat is about 6 years old. And just recently she started going crazy everytime she sees her own reflection, whether it be a mirror or a simple piece of metal on the bottom of a door. She will attack it by throwing herself at the reflection and also makes the strangest sounds. I think I may have to put her down. Does anyone know what causes this?
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You are thinking of putting your cat down because she attacks the reflection of herself? Before you do that, I would suggest you talk to a cat behaviorist, and see if they can help you. TheCatsite.com has a wonderful cat behaviorist that helps us out quite a bit. So I would consider sending her an email and telling her what is going on. You can send it to deartabby@thecatsite.com In the meantime, simply cover the mirrors that are causing this cat so much distress, and even consider a vet appointment to make sure that something else is not going on, healthwise. Most cats will attack their reflection in mirrors, or walk behind it to see where the other cat is. It really is normal behavior, and not something life threatening.
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sounds like she is just playing to me but I am not a specialist at all...I hope you won't put her down just for that reasoning...
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I agree, that they are playing. My kitten likes to stand on my laquer coffee table and he can see his reflection in it. He ends up chasing his reflection in circles and tries to attack too. I think it is cute, but I don't think its a problem.

Good luck.
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I agree she is just playing ,cover it up and please don't put her down for this .
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