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Sunday!! What's On Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!!

Little late getting here today. Off work sick , I either got the flu or picked up food poisoning either way it has sure knocked me on my butt.
Finally stopped throwing up about 8 this morning.
I am starting to feel better now though, I manage to keep some Gravol and Gingerale down so guess that's encouraging.

Needless to say nothing planned for the rest of the day excepting napping with the kitties and lots of fluids.

The kitties have been very good this morning..Sassy of coarse stays right with me when I'm sick and the other two wander by every half hour or so to make sure I feel pampered.

Everyone have a good one
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Today is house cleaning day. I've been putting it off to long (two weeks) and now it's yucky and in dire need of a good cleaning.
Hope you feel better fast. Being sick is NO fun at all!!!!! Good kitties for being little nurses and doctors
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Hope you feel better soon!

Right now, DH and I are going to go out for breakfast and then go spend some of my small inheritance check buying a dresser. We really need one! Then grocery shopping and maybe barbeque hotdogs.
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Hope everyone is having a good afternoon. I guess I'll be reading this afternoon after I get off my puter.
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It's my birthday. I was intending to go on an 8 mike hike, but the kittens prevented that. So we're going to a short waterfall hike with the dog.
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Good afternoon!!

We are experiencing a brief shower and hopefully more later this afternoon-with our sandy soil we need rain!! Watered the veg garden this morning, more weeding, planting, digging etc....

Had to call local sheriff's dept as when I walked out to get the morning newspaper our mailbox is gone and the perp drove through the daylilies to steal it. Rode bike down road and noticed tire tracks at the other end of our property. Neil took the 4-wheeler and found yet more tracks on our and our neighbor's yard.

I slept poorly too due to stray cats fighting/mating in yard and my stiff neck so I'm surprised I didn't hear this. Local cop who stopped said there must be local kids doing this in the past couple of weeks as they have been getting calls. Now I have to run and buy another mailbox (maybe two so I have one on hand) and try to fix my daylily.

Still hoping to grill out tonite for supper though.
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And as for me... I made signs and banners for a event today! It beats me who would ever eat something they bought at a bake sale, with no idea whose kitchen it came from... but apparently, people do it, and lucky for us, because we did manage to raise a little money for the campaign. I can't do much, but I did a little something!
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Today we did nothing. The boyfriend had a rare Sunday off, so we just hung around the house. Did some cleaning, and then went out to eat at TGI Fridays. Nice relaxing Sunday.
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Today we didn't do much of anything. Lounged around a lot, then went and rode about 2 miles on our bikes (mainly on the backroads and down a trail in the woods). It's been pretty crappy weather for about 2 hours now so we're back inside watching tv/surfing the net/reading. Also still mourning Monte It's hard to keep our minds off him when everything reminds us of him.
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I've spent most of the day in the kitchen so far. This morning i woke up and started working on a yummy cookie dough recipe for a while then put the dough in the fridge to chill for a few hours. After that I played Grand Theft Auto 4 for a little while (kept getting myself cought or killed I did soo much better with the 3rd one!)

After that I started working on a lasagna for dinner and baked the cookies (toasted coconut wafers). My mom came over for a few hours and we baked/cooked together and had dinner. It was nice. She brought her beagle puppy, Flowerbelle with her- so her dog had a blast running around the house playing with our dogs
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Well, I got a nice solid oak chest of drawers for $199 at Oak Liquidators, with tax and delivery, I paid $308. Not too bad. The chest is solid oak and matches my computer desk that I got at the same company a couple of years ago. Sure beats the flimsy stuff some of the furniture stores sell. It is unfinished oak but so is my desk. Good, solid craftsmanship that will last.
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