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Disappearing "Todays Posts" link

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I'm new here and getting to learn the navigation. When I log in, the link at the top of the page to view new posts is gone, not logged in it is there. Am I missing something?
Also I tried to search this forum for this question and it told me I did not have permission to access that feauture. Im confused.
Thanks for any help you can give a newbie here.
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What browser are you using? Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera?
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Well, my computer died so till I can afford a new one I dug my old (and I mean old) Webtv box out of the closet. The browser it uses is I believe IE 4.0 (no way to upgrade it)
Funny though, after I posted this question I was browsing around, and suddenly it was back there at the top, I didn't do anything, just poof, it was back. Strange.
I still can't use search however, and also "who's online" won't let me in, though it did yesterday before my account was activated. (was registered, just not activated yet)
Guess I should be glad I can do anything at all on this old thing!
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Yes, there is a difference, built into Vbulletin whereas un-registered surfers get to see a "Today's Posts" link, registered users see "New Posts". Difference being posts from today vs. posts since a registered user last visited the forum.

It's possible that the search function uses some ajax or javascript functions that require a more up to date browser though - sorry!
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Actally when I was logged in there was no link at all between 'search" and "mark forum read". But it seems to have worked itself out whatever the problem was.
Curious though that search and "whos online" wont let me in today when they did yesterday. Maybe it's gremlins, must get the cats to see about hunting them down!
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