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I'm going to have a big cat....

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We got Ramman in December as a two month old kitten. He was the cutest little thing and still is. In January he weighed around 3lbs. He has been growing like a weed ever since. He's definitely a cuddle bug and has to sleep near you at night. (his favorite spot is near your face so he can groom your head or face while you attempt to get to sleep) Anyway, just last week we took him to the vet for a vaccine. He is now 8 months old and even the vet was impressed by his size. He weighs 11lbs 10oz. She said he's not fat at all, just big. He's going to be a huge cat. I should take a picture of him next to one of my two year old girls for comparison. Do any of you have huge fur kids?
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Hi there, Yes I have a purebred Maine Coon male. He was the smallest boy in his litter, and his mother is pretty small for the breed, so I thought I would be getting a mid sized male, which is all I was looking for. Silly me, all I got was a slow starter! Within a week after I got him home, I think he doubled in size, and he hasn't stopped. He's about to turn 2, weighs in at 19 pounds and is NOT fat. In fact, heaven help me, he's still growing! He dwarfs everyone else in the house, but still acts like a little kitten. I keep telling him he can stop any old time now! Thank God he's sweet and mellow!

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This is just a domestic medium/longhair. People keep asking me if he is part maincoon. I'm not sure but all I know is, he is huge.
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my tiger is a HUGE boy

he's an orange DSH and when he draped himself over me his head will be on my shoulder and his legs will be on my thigh! he's a big boy and still growing!
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My female bengal weighed in a 11.6 at 10 months old. She is now 1 year old and leveling out. We just had her yearly vaccinations and she weighed in at 11.8. I thought she was going to be a monster a couple months ago!
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Chip is my largest - he weighs 16 pounds. he's a bit pudgy, but has a really large chest & shoulders... like a body builder!
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my chloe is a large kitty. i got her the day she turned 5 mos old and she had just been spayed and weighed 7lbs at her pre-spay appt! (she was already bigger than her mom-her dad was a LARGE maine coon, about 25lbs)
i weighed her in nov and she weighed 11lbs and will turn 4yrs old on the 5th. i know that doesnt SOUND like very much but shes a LARGE kitty. patchy weighs 14lbs and chloe towers over her and patchy is not fat by any means (i think its all fur).

chloe looks like she gets bigger every day... just wait, your kitty will be the same way. one day, youll come home to a very large tiger and wonder where your cute little kitten is - especially first thing in the morning when you get jumped on and get biscuits baked on your bladder
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Sometimes you think they will be big Cat and they stop. I thought Stormy was going to be a big Cat and she stopped growing. We thought Cocos Runt Son Stormys brother would be small and he is huge. Sometimes you just wont know what will happen.
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Yes, Swanie is huge. He was a little guy when we got him from the shelter. They told us he was 1-2 years old and wouldn't grow anymore. He was the same size as Cindy, who we got the same day. I was happy we would have two cats the same size. Well, Swanie is now twice her size, and not because he's fat (although he could stand to lose a little I think) but because he's just a big solid guy. He's also a cuddle bug lap cat, when he can manage to actually get himself comfortable on my lap.
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The Pound gets it wrong so many times. My Step Moms friend took Mi Nina to get fixed and they misunderstood and put her up for Adoption and said she was 2 years old. She was 6 months at the time. She is 2 now and a average size Cat.
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My Sammy was 10 months old three weeks ago when I got him, and I was told he was the runt of his litter as a baby. I don't know how much he weighs (as he is current on his shots until November, and nuetered), but he's a BIG boy! I saw his foster mom at Petsmart yesterday and she said she loves big cats. I adore him, but there's a difference in big and obese - so I'm watching his weight. Right now he seems to be pure muscle, but he seems to love his food! LOOL
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My Leo was 22 lbs before Feline Leukemia took him from us. He was a DSH orange tabby, never fat a day in his life. His back was nearly level with my knee. We lived in a very small town, and people knew us as the people with the big cat in the window. People would ride by just to see him. Our boss was thoroughly intimidated by him, but Leo was a big sweetie and soon won him over.
He was still 17 lbs when he passed away.
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