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Your Ophelia looks like my Fluffy.....do you have a bigger picture of her...?
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Oh, gee. Pictures? I couldn't...

This is my Ophelia. She has such pretty marking, IMO. The "beard" under her chin is actually the shape of a heart.

This one shows how little she is! Trent is probably 12-13 pounds, and she is half his size. She's a dainty little prissy thing.

Kathy, do you have pics of Fluffy you could post? That way we can compare the two.
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Here is my Fluff with her bubby Rocky..

Ophelia is absolutely georgous!!!!!!

edited to add another one of Rocky grooming Fluffy..
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I had to add that Fluff is very Dainty and prissy too..guess it has something to do with cow kitties
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Wow, their markings are SO similar! Especially on the face. I love Fluffy's little black nose. She's so beautiful.

That second pic you posted looks like what happens at my house! Trent grooms Ophelia often. Although, Trent has ulterior motives half the time. Ophelia forces him to snuggle, and he knows he will get in trouble for chewing on her so he grooms her the wrong way until she gets annoyed and leave. :tounge2:
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those are beauthul cats! could be twins!
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Ophelia and Fluffy do look alike... and they're both so cute (Trent and Rocky are also lookers. ) Heidi, Ophelia looks absolutely teeny next to Trent!
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How old is Ophelia anyway?? Fluff is around 4 months old...not exactly sure though
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Ophelia is about 3 1/2 years old. Doesn't look a day over 6 months! LOL I've always told her she was my little model kitty, petite, high cheekbones, very slender with long legs. :tounge2:

Jenn, she is teeny! I didn't realize how small she was until I looked at that picture. Having a little kitty like that is almost like having a perpetual kitten. She's healthy, but she did have a pretty tough start and I think that's why she's so small.
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