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non neutered and outside cat! NEED HELP

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I just typed what seemed like a book on my problem, hit the wrong key and poof it was gone. So problem in a nut shell is:

What can I use to keep cats out of my yard that won't hurt them? Long story short new neighbors with outside male cat marking my house, yards, doors, etc...

If I thought I had a problem before it was nothing compared to the nightmare I am faced with now. All my males are marking inside, screeming and howling to get outside and the females are swishing their tails, but I am not seeing or feeling anything coming out.

I have tried loud noises, spraying it with water and chasing it away. But he sits in my yard and taunts my cats that are not allowed to go out. I have pulled the blinds so they can't see it but then he howls at them.

The owners don't care. I am at my wits end with this cat. My neighbors are soooooooooo stupid. One has a female that has never been fixed and has litters of kittens now I have been told that the new male had his way with her the other day god that is what this world does not need is more unwanted kittens. Neighbors think I am nuts and won't even talk to me any more because I care and preach zero population growth. So I can't make anyone do anything but I need to protect my family.

Please if anyone knows of a way to keep cats out of yards, besides a mean dog!

Menou Lover
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Unless you are in a rural area, you might consider having the animal control talk to them.
Most cities I know of have laws against animals roaming, including cats.

All cities I know of have laws against animals causing destruction to your property, which is what this spraying tom cat is doing.
Maybe they don't understand humane pet ownership, but most everyone understands a threat to their bank account by means of fines.
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I have a friend who was feeding about 8-10 strays then she found out they all had a home two doors up. They own these cats and none are spayed or neutered.

The day she found a dead cat out from of her doorstep she decided to call the dog warden (dont' have animal control other than that) and ask how to solve this issue. The dog warden said that as soon as the animals enter her yard she has permission from the county to do whatever she wants with these cats--inlcuding killing them (which she would never ever do). She has already trapped two and taken them to the shelter and intends to continue until the neighbor starts to understand the situation (she has told the neighbor about them in her yard, being sick and continuing to reproduce sick sick inbred kittens)

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