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*****KatKwiz! - June 22 - Cat baths*****

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Which breed of cat should be sponge bathed? When you find the answer (on TCS of course), you will find a picture of that breed. Copy the picture and post it as an attached image, which will serve as your answer! (See yesterday's KatKwiz for attached image example).
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The Sphynx
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Thats what I though too, but I remember reading just the other day about a cat that needed to be bathed often, with "sponge bath" actually in the care description....hmm, must have been some other site.
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Okay it just took me forever to find that answer! Couldn't figure out where you guys got it from since it said nothing in cat breeds!
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Well the only reason I knew where it was is because I just happened see it while I was looking for an answer to a previous Katkwiz.
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Either way! GOOD JOB!! You rock!
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Originally Posted by glitch View Post
Either way! GOOD JOB!! You rock!
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Originally Posted by luvmycat1 View Post
The Sphynx
That's the one. Go to Cat Care above. There you will find an article called Bathing your Cat, but that's not it! After that, check the other titles and you will find Grooming Your Cat's Coat. That's where it is. Once you found it and copied it, use the Manage Attachments button below to include it in a post.


Job well done!
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Yay Like I said before, I remembered where that was because when you posted the Katkwiz on the DVD for grooming long haired cats, I was looking in the article on Grooming your cats coat. I read the grooming recommendations for all the breeds pictured.
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