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Fussy cat and OCDD

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my little teaser is now 16-17 months old and she is really fussy on which litter she has, she prefers the horrible clay litter, but the others (5) use wood based litter or clay there never fussed...
the problem i teaser i more than happy too go into litter she wont use too bury everyone elses business!....
why does she insist on this?
she also enjoys too do a wee in her tray straight after its been cleaned then roll in it
could this be anything too do with me finding her at a young age?
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I'm not very clear what your first question is.
As far as the rolling in the litter... there are many factors that could be causing this. Could be anything from not enough litter boxes with her fave litter to hierarchy problems due to the number of cats you have to the litter feeling cool, it's really hard for me to say why she's doing this behavior without knowing more.
Marilyn Krieger, CCBC
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The heirachy shouldnt be an issue as i myself see a clear hierachy she is the bottom of our pack we have 6 cats and 8 litter trays, although now you mention heat she does tend too do it when we have the heat on....
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the location of the boxes is important. The depth of the litter, the shape of the boxes can also factor in. I have also seen youngsters play in their litter boxes.
Marilyn Krieger, CCBC
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oh right...
where would you suggest.. all i trays are based on teasers say so...
she has places she goes if a tray isnt there ive tried everything too stop this and litter trays in her places works,....
id just ike too thank you for being here
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Cats will continue to target the same areas unless a really good enzyme cleaner is good. Also, the box locations should be in places where the cats can see the whole room and can escape if necessary.
Marilyn Krieger, CCBC
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