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Meet Mabel

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She is going to be my new permanent kitty in 2 weeks - I could have had her this weekend, but have family commitments, so not the best timing, and the rescue have kindly ordered me some food that should be here in a fortnight, so it made more sense to get her then rather than go next week for her and the week after for food. She has been there since MArch last year, but they have never really advertised her, as she stands to wee so misses the tray - i told them that wasn't an issue as Molly has done that since I got her, and Rosie is doing it due to her CRF, so what;s one more? We are not sure of her age, but you can tell she is old, she also has a bit of a gunky eye and runny nose, plus on the thin side, so she will fit in well here. I will have to guess an age for her, get insurance sorted for the day she will come here, and then 3 weeks later, she will have her first vet visit, get her bloods done, chipped and boostered (3 weeks is partly cos you can't claim for the first two weeks on insurance, and partly cos she was vacc'd last August, so wont need a booster till then, and I dont want to take her too often!!).

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Aw, she is a cutie! As for her & your other kitty missing the tray I have an idea-get a large Rubbermaid container (about $5) and use that as their LB, the sides are super tall! No way they could miss that!
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That is the plan for this weekend, Molly has a covered tray, but she manages to hit the join between top and base, so you have to watch how you open her tray.
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she is a beautiful girl, it's wonderful that you take on the older cats. my rb girl daisy would do the stand up pee too. she frequently redecorated the wall by the tray until we bought a high top box!
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Thanks, I was very taken with her, and it is just such a shame that i had commitments this weekend that meant I couldnt bring her home with me. I love the older cats, although there is the heartache attached to it.
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Here is MAbels' sponsorship page, it has more pics of her on it, she doesn't look as old on some of these, might be able to get away with insuring her as a 12yo.
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she is beautiful! How wonderful you are for taking in the older kitties. Yes, there is heartbreak, but its well worth it to know you are providing them a good loving home in their senior years.
I took in and old kitty, indoor/mostly outdoor, guessed her age to be around 16yrs. She was dumped when the tennenants of an appt moved, she sort of the adopted the new owner. He took care of her for many years, but he didn't waant to take care of her anymore as he traveled out of town quite often. I took her, and I will never regret it. Half blind, no teeth, sort of scraggly looking, but the sweetest most loving kitty cat ever. I only had her for three years before she passed away, but What a wonderful three years.
Congrats on the new addition to your family.
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Thanks, I have had quite a few oldies now, must sit down and work out how many soon. It certainly is, and that is what gives me the strength to do it, knowing that however hard my decision is, they have had a loving, home environment for the end of their life.
i can't understand why people dont want their cats when they get to seniors, but at least there are some people who will take them, and i am glad she got 3 years with you, only one of my oldies has had 3 years here so far, although Miss Molly is on 2.5 years, so hopefully she will be the second. in fact, they are lucky to see their first anniversary here, but at least it means they got here in time to have months of love and attention rather than at a rescue.
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I had to laugh at "might be able to get away with insuring her as a 12yo."

She looks like a dolly & lucky to have landed with you.
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Thanks!! We dont know her age, so I am going to have to guess for her insurance (I am lucky that insurance is good for seniors here). She probably will have some hidden health issue, tends to happen here, but I have to keep my vet in business, dont i?
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Mabel looks like a sweetie! I think its great that you're giving senior kitties a loving home till the end of their lives... You're wonderful! I'd like to do something like that too when I have my own place, foster between-home kitties and taking in some unwanted ones.
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What a beauty! She'll fit right in
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She is a very pretty girl!
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Mabel is lovely! and I agree, not a day over 12!
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She is beautiful, even if she is "mature." I would love to have her. I have decided I do not have the energy for kittens any more, and if I rescue any, I will try to place them in good homes. Any more that may be permanent must be at least 7 years old. I know that is not really old, but I love older kitties, and miss mine desperately. That is why Fred is still on my siggy.
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Thanks. I fostered kittens week before last, and no, I dont have hte energy for them!!
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awww she's so cute
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She is here now - a bit snuffly, and thin with poor fur, but I am sure a home environmetn will work wonders on her. She is already registered at the vets and insured, and is booked for booster and bloods at the end of hte month, as she was vacc'd last August.
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Well, her nose isn't nearly as bad, and she has started to eat better now. Her fur is also starting to feel softer, although still separates a lot. Think we are doing well to say she has only been here a few days. When Photobucket will work, I can post pics.
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First day

Yesterday (1 week of being here)

She is back in isolation now though, as she is eating whatever food she can find, and it has upset her tum, and she is also having tray issues - in the bathroom, she will happily use a covered tray, out of bathroom, she first chooses the uncovered tray, then goes for the kitchen floor. I have swapped the downstairs tray for a covered one, but wont let her out again till her tum is fine.
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Awww the little sweetie... I hope she settles in well and her tum feels better soon
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