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Gulliver meets the scorpion

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He wants the scorpion (Stabby) so bad that I had to attach the tank to the shelf!

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Silly Gulliver! Someone needs to tell him that scorpions don't make good kitty toys!

He's lucky you are keeping him safe in spite of himself. He's a cutie as ever!!
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How cute! What a silly kitty
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Gulliver is incredibly handsome.
I really doubt that Stabby feels the same way about him.

PS...Stabby is a great name for a scoripon.
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Hahahaha...cute.Looks like Stabby was confronting him in a couple pics!
I LOVE scorpions!
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Gulliver is so handsome! He really does want to get his paws on Stabby, doesn't he?! Silly guy! The cat the I had growing up, Bean, used to be quite amazing at spotting scorpions that got into the house. She would never confront it, just hang out near it until someone noticed that it was there! It used to scare me to death to see her so near a scorpion!
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He's a very pretty cat... Love his marbled markings Scorpion is awesome too! is that its maximum size?
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Thanks guys!

Stabby is an Arizona Giant Hairy Desert scorpion.
He should max out at 5".
He was given to us by some friends that caught him in their house.
They didn't have the heart to kill him and knew we'd take him in!

I had to put him in a soil bottomed tank because he used to throw rocks at us!
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Seriously AT you? I didn't know scorpions had the kind of brains to allow them to do that.
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That's cute
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