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Need lots of Help want to do the right thing.

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Hi I am a young student trying to balance life, bills and school, needless to say very broke most of the time.

I have litter mates that are three years old, one male and one female, they are spayed and neutered as well as indoor only. I have owned them since they were weaned.

About a year ago we had central heating and air installed at the place that we are renting, and my female more then my male was very traumatized by the noise and random people coming through the house (they were caged by themselves in the back of the house) when all was said and done, my female had developed some aggression with people and pets that she saw outside, but she never did anything but hiss or cry.

A few months ago she developed and issue with her litter mate for no apparent reason. I tried calming solutions, spoke with behavior specialist, tried re-introducing them, and had her checked out for illness. Of course there was nothing that seemed wrong to the vet and without running some really expensive tests they found nothing. So I have to keep them separate in a small house, all the shelters and foster programs here are totally booked with no waiting lists, I feel bad to put down a cat who can be fine with the right home. What do I do now?

Also a couple of days ago I think my male cat has eaten up to 3 IB Profen, the 1st day I noticed his nose was kind of dry and he was kind of lethargic, that was when I realized the IB profen from the counter was gone. The 2nd day he threw up a couple of times in the morning, but otherwise seemed fine. The 3rd day being yesterday I don't think he even threw up, however this morning we got up and he had thrown up 2 times, we only fed him a tablespoon of food and when we got home this afternoon he had thrown up 3 times. I have called some local vets and breeders, and they either want to see him which I cannot afford, or say just to wait and see what happens, but I do not want him to suffer. Any ideas?

Any help would be much appreciated I can't handle any more stress in my life right now.

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This link gives info on ibuprofen poisoning. The drug is toxic to cats and he needs vet care.
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He needs to go to the vet ASAP! You can work a payment plan out with most vets...

You said you feed him a tablespoon of food? That is certainly not enough...
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You MUST let a vet see him - IB can do awful things to a cat's esophagus and stomach (painful and bloody). Take him in and explain everything and never mind about the money this time.
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I agree that he needs to be seem by a vet. You may find this link useful:
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Would a cat eat ibprofun? I mean my cats are so picky, I can't imagine them finding an ibprofin on the floor and eating it. why do you think he ate it?
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oh no! Take the baby to the vet it's important for your baby
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He needs a Vet Now. He can die from that.
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I have already spoken with vets and breeders regarding my male, they all say all I can do now is wait and see. He has stopped throwing up, at this point he is eating and holding it down, I do not know that he in fact ate the IB Profen, He has been drinking alot of water and we are cleaning the litter box 2 times a day to monitor the bathroom habits and so far he is using it. The only thing they could have done is pumped his stomach if we would have caught on early enough (within a few hours), but that is also a very traumatizing experience for a cat if he did not eat it and he is just sick.

Does anyone have anything regarding my female cat?

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Originally Posted by gailuvscats View Post
Would a cat eat ibprofun? I mean my cats are so picky, I can't imagine them finding an ibprofin on the floor and eating it. why do you think he ate it?
I was feeling ill myself and had pulled it out, but I don't remember if I took it before I went to bed or not, and it was not on the counter when I remembered to look the next afternoon.

I took it out Tuesday night noticed it was gone Wensday night (not sure if I took it so I looked through the house and under the appliances and did not find it), he did not throw up the 1st time till late Wensday night or early Thursday morning.

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How exactly is she aggressive towards the male? Is she drawing blood from him by attacking him so badly? If she is just hissing and growling, that is no cause to rehome her. Please explain this a little more. Also did you have BOTH cats seen by the vet and behaviorist? If she is aggressive towards the male, cats do this when another is possibly ill. They will attack or act differently towards it. I would have the male checked out over the female.
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Why was this post moved to Health and Nutrition when I started it for advice on my Female cat whom has a behavior problem? I only mentioned my male cat to see if someone may have advice that my vet has not already given me.

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Yes both the male and female had been taken to the Vet when the behavior issue started and both were said to be healthy. They have not seen the behaviorist, I have just spoken with her, the only one here in Idaho is 100.00 or more and hour, which I cannot afford even on a payment plan. My female will get scared when she is first brought out and then be fine for no more then 20 minutes or so, then she pins him in a corner and attacks him, have not seen any blood yet, but have had to pull her claws out of his face. I feel bad leaving her locked up in such a small area and I work 45 min from my home so only have limited time to work with them during the day, but the more I work with them the worse his complex with her is getting. He hides and cries every time I open the door to the room where she is, like he is afraid she is going to get him.
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can't remember if anyone has suggested these before, but just in case...
feliway diffusers can help w/agressiveness. so can rescue remedy. both are available online, altho you might be able to find them in a local pet store, as well.
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I have tried some of those, but neither of he cats act like anything is different are they supposed to mellow out or something. Tried in both the sprays an plug ins, I have also tried the diverting of there attention before she attacks but it has not ever worked, she just turn the energy torwards the human at that point.

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I would start the introduction process from scratch. Since she's already confined, it shouldn't be that different, except you will be actively trying to reacclimate her to his scent. There are lots of guides on how to introduce cats--all involve making an association between the other cat's scent and something pleasant, like food or play. Watch her reactions carefully, and go slowly--it may take a few weeks to reacclimate her to being friendly toward her brother.
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