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A Bea LB question

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OK, shortened ( ) version of my foster kitties history.

(I know where she came from, who the previous owners were)

Bea was picked up Dec. 30th, 2007 as a stray & brought to the local Humane Society. January, we put her up for adoption. Noticed something weird on paws. It was her claws growing back in from a declaw. She was re-declawed & placed in a home with another kitty. Came back 2 weeks post op, not getting along with other kitty.

Came home with me that night, early Feb 2008. Kept in a Large wire dog crate....poor litterbox habits. Left to have my entire bedroom....if LB was in crate she went elsewhere. Gave her a medium sided LB that was the XL size, her bum hung out & "stuff" hit the floor. Tried an 18 gal rubbermaid tote, she can't jump up to get in it. Tried a high sided (about knee high on me) blue/clear sterilite tub. No go, she went elsewhere. Tried clumping Tidy Cats, chicken feed, Swheat, clupming Arm & Hammer clay, Feline Pine, Yesterday's we are on regular non-scoopable clay, 1/2" in the box. She doesn't dig. Her box is an underbed storage tub. (see pic below)

At one point, tried putting the tub in the kiddie pool with no success. With the non-scoopable clay litter & this box, she has had no accidents in weeks. I keep piddle pads under it, just in case. issue is that these boxes I have are an old style underbed storage tub. She doesn't like the new style underbed storage tubs. My older ones are getting gross, & need to be thrown out soon.

How can I change boxes on her without causing issues?
What do I change to? (I am considering cement mixing tubs found in places like Lowe's/Home Depot/Menards/Fleet & Farm)

And yes, that was the shortened version of her history!
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It is not uncommon for cats that are declawed to have litter box issues, especially ones like this little one where the declaw was so horribly botched. poor little girl...

The main reason for their little box challenges is due to it being painful to walk and dig in the substrate.

As far as the litter box... first of all don't keep moving it around. Consistency is very important. Decide on locations for the boxes and keep them there. If there is a location that she uses, keep the boxes there. Yes, piddle pads or cat paper underneathe the boxes are a good idea for now.

Why do the boxes that she is using need to be thrown out? Can they be washed out? Is that the box pictured below? If she likes them, keep using them, unless they're falling apart. Again, consistency is very important. Don't keep changing the rules on her.

Also, whenever changing litter, make sure to do it over about a one week to two week time. Again, cats need consistency and when litter types are changed quickly and frequently cats that have litter box issues are confused even more.

I guess the theme here is consistency... please give this little one a kiss for me.

Marilyn Krieger, CCBC
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The boxes need to be gone as they are pretty disgusting. Over a year's use, often with multiple cats using it, then on to Bea with them. They stink to me. I've tried scrubbing them until I'm blue in the face, but they still stink. If I can smell them, I can only imagine what it's like for her to have to use them. I'm afraid to bleach them out in case the smell deters her from using it.

I've kept the location of the box the same as long as she's been in this room. It's not in the middle of the room, but it's not like she's trapped in a corner. Sheltered but not completely enclosed.
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ahhh... makes sense...
OK... do it gradually, starting soon. Get a box that is similar to the ones you want to replace. Put it next to the existing box. Put clean litter in the new box, but then add a cup or so of used litter from the the old box. After the new box is being used, remove the original one.
Also, you should have more then one box available to her.
Marilyn Krieger, CCBC
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Maybe get a box as similar to that one as possible.... put old box (with litter in it) inside of the new box and see how that goes for a week. If that works OK switch over to new box, but don't put 'new' litter in it, use some that has her scent. When I get new boxes I put litter they have used in it, so it doesn't throw them off. Good luck!

(oops, didn't see the post above me, lol!)
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I don't recommend putting the new box in the old one, though that is an interesting suggestion. The box should be as large or larger then the original box. Putting it next to the original one and putting some of the used litter in with the new litter should be enough.
Marilyn Krieger, CCBC
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Don't know if I can get one big enough to accomdate her & her "potty style" to fit inside this one. Will try to find something similar size/shape, what I have in mind *should* be similar. She has 2 boxes available, only uses one. If I take one away, she goes back to not using the box.

I this royal pain in the behind.

Thanks again Marilyn.
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I don't recommend putting it inside the existing one. I recommend putting it next to it. And yes... you have to have at least two boxes at all times. Until she gets used to the new one, you will have three.
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The more boxes, the merrier. One more question - is it "safe" to put the new box directly next to the old one?

If so, I'll just put a new one next to each old one so that she can get in/out of them until she is used to them & uses them.
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