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Introducing "better" food for the cats

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My mom's always bought Friskies, but I've been reading up on the nutrients and ingredients and I really want to upgrade their food!
Right now we're introducing Pet Promise by rotating PP for Breakfast and Friskies for dinner.
I really want my cats to have a healthy diet with No by-products, and added things that they don't need. I want it to be a high enough quality that I could eat it.
We tried Wellness, but they hated it. Is Pet Promise alright? They say it has no by-products, but I've read so many different things on all the different foods, it's really confusing.

2 out of my 5 cats only really eat Dry food. (although they both enjoy Pet Promise) Right now all the cats have Natural Choice
Complete Care Indoor Dry Adult food available. My two who don't care for wet really enjoy it.
When I looked at the ingredients the first thing is Chicken Meal. Does "Meal" mean it could be any part of the chicken, even the parts that wouldn't be edible for me? The third ingredient is Corn Gluten Meal. I think I read that corn isn't an important part of the diet.

I would appreciate any advice! If there's a better food, I would love to try it out! (my mom said $1.50 is the max she'll pay for a 5.5 oz can since we go through so many, but dry doesn't really matter since we don't use as much)
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MEAL = NAMED meat ... ie chicken is 5lbs of fresh chicken ( no organs , ft heads) that the water and most fat is removed... think beef jerky ... chicken meal is the parts you and I would eat ... chicken by product meal is what you likely would not eat /.// 5lbs of fresh to get 1lb of meal

Corn gluten meal is the protein part of the corn ... ie more digestable but still not great in that dept ... it is used to aid UTI health as chicken meal and chicken are out of balence calcium , phosand magnesium wise in a dry formula

Pet promise in a wet is good their dry IMHO is too grainy and not great
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Thanks Sharky!
I haven't seen dry Pet Promise, so we're not going to try it.
We're going to keep going back and forth with friskies and pp til the friskies are gone. (mom bought bulk a few weeks ago)
I think we'll stick with Nutro dry for now since everyone likes it.
thanks again
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