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Well, not quite zapped - last Wednesday there was a slight brown out that apparently did a number on my computer. I thought it had just ruined my second hard drive (120gigs of stuff gone!) but while trying to copy/recover that to a spare hard drive it errored... then when I put my main HD back in with my windows install on it - nothing.

A friend thinks the mother board ide controllers are messed up, and likely other parts on it as well. Though I hold out hope that the HDs are ok and that I can recover everything (300+ gigs worth). I can use DH's pc for the time being, but he'll start to complain... so unplugged all my HDs and am using a linux boot disc. This means I'll have to replace a mother board, and since it's older (rdram) the ram will need to be replaced too... and why not cpu while I'm at it. Looks like it will cost $140 or so since I have everything else. Not too bad.. but the timing could have been better. Oh well, at least I know a cheaper alternative to buying a whole new computer.

And no, this isn't a tech support section thread since I'm not asking anyone for help.