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Manterns....."man candles"

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Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? This is hilarious! This company makes "man friendly" scented candles. Just the names of the individual candles alone are hilarious I'm thinking DH would prefer eithor the Sawdust one of the T-bone one
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Oh Jeez
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i think I'd like the steak one!
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DH said the Woods one would be ok.
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The bacon scented one would have me jonesing for a BLT all day.
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I love the smell of a baseball glove so I wouldn't mind that one.
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I want the sawdust & the woods ones! Spend too much time with dad in the shop apparently.
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Too funny! Rob would want The Woods. If we can't be at the cottage, then bring the cottage to the city with this candle.
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Old Man? Bait Shop? I'll pass!

I'm surprised there isn't "Dirty Shorts" or "Hairy Toilet" or "Smelly Sneaker" or "BO"!
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
Old Man? Bait Shop? I'll pass!

I'm surprised there isn't "Dirty Shorts" or "Hairy Toilet" or "Smelly Sneaker" or "BO"!
What a rich, though disgusting, imagination you have, Linda... maybe there's a career for you with this company!
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I'm just sad there isnt a engine oil, or race gas one for the guys in the family--they seem to be addicted to the smell of racebike in the morning
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My DH? He would be all over the Beer and Bacon ones.
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my bf just laughed when I told him about them!
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Glad i wasn't the only one to find them hilarious! DH has a birthday comming up next month (actually, it's both of our birthdays!) i'm thinking about the sawdust one as a joke
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Those are great! I have a friend that I will be ordering a beer candle for. Mine would like beer and bacon.
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