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Feline asthma

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One of my cats was diagnosed with feline asthma a few years ago, the vet said it was minor. Back then we didnt get a good enough explanation of it, so we did nothing for it.

We ran into someone with a cat who has bad asthma today, he has to get shots weekly at the vet and take pills.

Our cat very rarely will start coughing and nothing comes up, that is exactly what the guy said feline asthma is, his cat does that, but his gums would turn blue so his cat has it bad. Our cat is not that bad at all.

My cat may have the coughing for about a minute, but she has never stuck her tongue out or had her gums turn blue. She gets it more in Spring than any other season.

From your experience, do you think my cat should get some treatment for it, or do you think being its minor she doesnt need it? Mind you getting a shot or pill in her is impossible unless a vet can do it. As far as costs, we dont even know prices for treatment.
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Our Lucy cat has asthmatic types of attacks from time to time. She will wheeze and make a hacking noise but it rarely lasts more than a minute and never occurs more than once a day. Our vet says if she does not seem to be in too much distress, and recovers quickly, that medication is not necessary.
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Next vet visit well ask more about it now that we are certain she has it, but again, it doesnt seem to affect her life, she can do everything normally.
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Coco gets the Depo Medrol Shots but can not have them anymore. There are alot of side effects from the shot and the pred.Coco has had both. She is now on a Inhaler. It depends on the Cat wheather they need treatment.
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That second link was very helpful, thank you!
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