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ok, this man calls my husband a few minutes ago, and needs to speak to him...well, I said that my husband works during the day and asked to take a message...he said to me...this is a personal business matter and I need him to call me..he gave me his number, and all that jazz, but I asked what it is regarding to and he said he couldn't tell me anything else other than it was a personal business matter...he even got an attitude with me too....he even asked for my husbands work number which I NEVER give out to people especially that I don't know.....I just told him I would have him call him.....I thought it was really odd sounding though...
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I dunno.

Maybe a long lost friend trying to surprise him? Or... I dunno, I'm paranoid, I think bad thoughts. Have you called your dh to find out if he knows this person or not?
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no,he usually comes home for lunch so I will ask him when he comes home...
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They are always very secretative (?). I tell them I am his wife and they can tell me the message. If I don't have all the info I will let them know I will not be passing on the message.
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I used to call past due auto accounts and my boss told us nOT to discuss the account with anyone that was not on the lease. We couldn't even tell them what it was about. Maybe it is something like that???

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Over here, sometimes credit card companies or banks call up a bit like that - however, they usually say that they are from a credit card co or bank (won't usually say which though).

I have to admit, it was a bit un-nerving first time it happened . . .
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"Personal Business Matter" means one of two things: Collection agency or telemarketer. If it's a collection agency, they will generally talk to the wife. They just want answers. I would guess since they gave you a number to call back it's a collection. Even if you are current on your bills, those people can crawl out of the woodwork. We all of a sudden got collection calls for something from over 10 years ago for my husband that he thought had been taken care of (I didn't even know him then!). All over $150 - 10 years later!
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Your Ophelia looks just like my Fluffy.I saw a small glimpse of her undr your screen name...do you have more pictures of her??
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